Video: Ben Cathro Searches for Smooth Lines in Val di Sole

Aug 2, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesThere's just too much to look at and not enough time! Val Di Sole is flipping nuts.Ben Cathro

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 As usual there’s some mistakes! That was not Baptiste Pierron, it was Benoit Coulange. Also Dave Trummer is actually Eric Irmsh. Sorry for the mistake!
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 It's all good, Ben. Top notch work nonetheless!
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 The denim destroyer takes my respect. He's probably just on his way to work mind you! Holy moly!

Seriously, how cool/funny is that? Joe Blow in his jeans laying down the times like a MAN. No, factory support/pits/suspension rebuilds/massages/ice baths/masseurs (masseuses?), just caning the Black Snake with his wallet in one pocket and phone in the other. Go the underdog! Go JVK! LOL
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 Well if he crashes, he might break the keys to his Alfa on a rock, he'll have to call in late to work
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 @thurman: If he's driving an Alfa it wasn't going to start anyway...
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 the guy in the jeans should put on a flannel shirt for extra style points
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 Vital's RAW footage has Brendog going over that rock...

...right in front of Sven "soon to have no eyebrows" Martin.
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 I want a whole video on "Cathro vs the Marshall" Not saying fight to the death or anything but it will make a good video.
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 "Controversy on Val did Sole!"
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 "Marshall picks a fight with Cathro. What happens next will shock you!"
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 You know what...I think it might be easier if I just bought a DH rig and then beat on it with a sledgehammer rather than try and ride that with any grace, speed and agility. That's something to watch and it's not even racing....
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 He’s confirmed my suspicions that the pace plus the gnar makes Val one of the most bad-ass dh tracks..
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 Crazy looking place, I wonder how many 'normal' people could even ride the place without stopping / riding completely off-line, let alone at any kind of pace.
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 I rode it last year on the Monday after the race. Took me nearly 20 minutes to get down ???? @justanotherusername:
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 @alice-g: haha, I have ridden a few WC tracks in the alps and cant even make more than 1/4 of a run at my idea of a decent pace without having to stop due to mental arm-pump.....

Really puts into perspective just how fast / mental / fit / committed these guys and girls are.
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 @justanotherusername: I rode Val Di Sole two years ago. It’s ridiculous in real life. So steep and tech, the idea of racing it at speed has a risk factor way beyond any other track I’ve ridden
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 if you watch with subtitles the track marshals whistle's are written as 'MUSIC'
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 More Cathro! Please give us more Cathro!
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 Kenta down! So brave of him to spontaneously fill in on this beast of a track. Hope he's ok.
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 How fast would the rock at 6:30 send the average rider OTB?
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 Some say She’s a roadies!
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 I'm thrilling to see someone hit that rock line! Keep it on ben!!
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 top vidéo !!
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 Can someone tell me wtf the whistling noise is?
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 I think it's to warn officials down the track that a rider is on the way so they can judge the time between riders. If someone crashes and you hear a whistle up the hill you need to get the track clear or warn the rider coming down to stop before it becomes a pile. Just my guess though lol
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 As already said, it,s to warn other people further down the track that a rider is coming. There is no other way to know sometime, like behind blind corners
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 Thanks. Makes sense.
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