Video: Ben Cathro Tries To Ride Flat Corners Without Falling - How To Bike S3 E4

Feb 8, 2024
by Pinkbike Originals  


Flat corners are hard for everyone, even world cup level riders. In this episode, Ben works on improving his technique to finally master flat corners.

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 The obvious options not considered: 1) Scando in; 2) Foot off
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 Also, inside line with the front and nose wheelie around - especially on a really tight switchback.
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 He was using slight berm to initiate turn and end turn . Not a true flat turn. That was part of why bike wanted to wash out mid turn. He had less traction after the turn was initiated.
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 Unsupported right handers make me feel completely incompetent. Nice to to know I'm not alone.
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 Love Ben's vids. It's lead me to have intentional skills practice sessions on sections of my favorite trails, instead of just doing a mindless lap or 2. Has made my riding progress significantly, and having even more fun too! Thanks Ben!
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 Step 1: Ensure fork lower is facing forward.
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 Indeed, that’s all I can see.
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 Love my MRP fork! You get used to the ass-backwards arch in real life.
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 Unpopular opinion, but this is why I prefer flat pedals. I can twist my feet on the platform vs clips and that allows better movement out of my hips for cornering. When I go back to clips its like I cant get my body in the right positions to properly execute these types of moves.
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 I'm the total opposite, I like clips because I can twist my feet more than I can on flats.
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 @RonSauce: Interesting how we're all doing the same thing but have such different experiences!
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 Just wait until you guys try toe clips....
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 Ha, too tall for the tight ones eh? Short people rule!!
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 *looks around* Who said that?
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 @nickfranko: he can’t see us so he doesn’t know who said it
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 Yeah my XXL bike starts to feel like driving a limo in a parking garage sometimes.
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 The high CoG sucks for most sports.
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 i'm almost as tall and lanky as Ben and agree, but somehow Ben rides like a much shorter guy. he has mad skills and coordination. but yeah, physics be physics in tight spaces.
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 It’s impossible to talk about cornering skills without talking about line selection. Ben was clearly riding the same line, but why? There were other line options in that corner that would offer different outcomes. Reading terrain and line selection might be a different subject all together, but no obstacle can be perfected without first choosing the best line.
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 Executive Summary:

Focus of the video was on the development of mountain biking skills, specifically negotiating flat right-hand corners.

Speaker 1 highlighted the importance of speed management, body weight distribution, and confidence in making successful turns.

Implementing new techniques such as looking through the corner and angling the bike into the corner by pressing on the inside hand and dropping the outside foot was discussed.

Speaker 1 encouraged participants to practice and share their experiences.

The meeting was part of a series on specific mountain biking skills improvement.

Four episodes will be dedicated to getting kids involved in mountain biking.

Speaker 1's use of humor and self-deprecation made the meeting engaging and relatable.

Video Notes:

Mountain biking skills development

Speaker 1 discussed the importance of continuously developing skills in mountain biking.

The meeting took place in Squamish on the bi-directional Honour Roll Trail.

Speaker 1 faced a challenge with a flat right-hand corner on the trail.

Challenge resolution and progress

Speaker 1 initially had issues with speed control, weight distribution, and confidence.

The speaker made subsequent attempts, focusing on looking through the corner and centering his weight.

Angling the bike into the corner by pressing on the inside hand and dropping the outside foot was identified as a more challenging maneuver.

Learning and community engagement

Speaker 1 acknowledged the difficulty of learning new skills and the progress he is making.

He encouraged viewers to practice the skills they've learned and share their experiences in the comments.

The video is part of a series on improving specific mountain biking skills.

There will be 4 more episodes about getting kids into mountain biking.

Presentation and engagement style

Speaker 1 used humor and self-deprecation to make the content engaging and relatable.
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 Come on Ben! Come in way hotter, scandy flick right then left then slam it into the corner, foot plant push off, to power wheelie out. This is the way.
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 Ben is such a great way of putting things ..... we all know these skills but we forget and ride like bellends. So watch and learn and lessen ..... thanks mate
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 Aaaiight I’ll say it out loud, what about left flat corners, they must be inherently easier,? I struggle the same with both !
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 @bencathrow do you ride switch? I've started riding switch about a year ago and it may have helped cornering.
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 Why the weighted right hand? Why not go wide and use the whole track/corner?
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 @ben_cathro sorry misspelt above
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 Why is the fork inverted?
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 Not inverted, the casting is flipped, MRP unit…to avoid mud catching in it.
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 cooling scoop to chill the crown. like the hood scoop on your Tacoma....
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 good turn Ben
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 Welcome to Pennsylvania the land of flat corners
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 This is my teenage years!!
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