Video: Ben Cathro's Lenzerheide World Cup DH Course Preview

Sep 2, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

The track this year at Lenzerheide is riddled with big gaps and steep lines. Join Ben Cathro on a practice run through the wild track as he tries some crazy lines for the first time.

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 Ive had it with these mother fucking scottish on this mother fucking track
  • 21 0
 Scottish, I always thought Cathro was Portuguese?
  • 52 0
 @Randy-Verified: your thinking of ews racer Pen Cathjoão
  • 9 0
 @Randy-Verified: He is,my long lost twin cousin.
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 The pale skin is blinding!
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 That was fun to watch, he seemed to have fun too. I like how he is trying to sucker people into bad lines.
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 I feel like some of those lines, if they cut in right over the weekend, could actually be fast.
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 These "changes" they talked about are kind of french lines. Aren't they?
The Swiss can't stand us but what would they do without us? Smile
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 @danstonQ: The "french lines" are just the riders attempts to avoid 1/3 of the track they hate the most. The actual track changes for this year were mostly just the removed rock garden at the top (shitty corner put in it's place) and some jump modifications.
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 @Patrick9-32: I bet the judges change some of the tapes before race day.
  • 43 2
 calling it now, cathro top 10 with those sneaky lines
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 Facts: Cathro hit the triple and didn't case the trick jump... Is he today's fastest scotsman?
  • 31 10
 It is hard to replace fact nobody can replace Claudio, but Cathro has my vote for next best!
  • 48 2
 really loved Gee on the mic as well!
  • 29 1
 @cdkozeluh: All three appeal to me for different reasons: Claudio helped you understand how difficult the course was, Atherton gave you a bit of insight into the mind of an elite racer at their peak, and Cathro helps you appreciate the lines and why line choices are made.

I still have to admit that Caluori's enthusiasm mixed with a bit of frantic delivery has a special place in my heart though.
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 I admit, I've been not watching for a long time, but what happened to Claudio? Was it after his concussion he just never came back?
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 @cdkozeluh: yeah man the speed Gee was going with such calm down commentary, that was insane!!
  • 7 0
 My vote has to be Bryceland, purely for the commentary
  • 5 0
 Ben has found a good balance between hyped and chill. Claudio was always fun and genuine and i do miss him.
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 Don’t forget, we had Warner doing it way back when!
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 @bryndrew: With subtitles....
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 Just compared Ben's run of a 3:32 vs Breeden's 3:21. Mick took most inside lines minus Ben's "daft" one, not sure that one will pan out, but there wasn't much differential watching Hannah insides vs Breeden outsides. Happy that the tape job at least gives riders some line options, should be interesting to see how it all pans out. No doubt Ben's first run was also a little slower due to AM practice track and fresh cow shi!t. I'm pulling for Ben, #RADDAD
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 Just watched Reece's preview, he was all over the map, mostly outside lines, made an educational stop to highlight the dirt, giver or take 40 seconds, overall a 3:20(ish) run. Definitely nothing to gain for the most part timing all the previews other than there is some line choice to ponder. Props to Cathro for sending all of the gaps and jumps first go, my vote for best quality preview!
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 Some Strava lines in there!
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 Browner, you a frenchie by any chance that is miffed that a "sweaty" has gone and taken those inside lines Smile

Good luck with qualies Ben. One thing we know for sure after last week-end, your young enough!!
  • 7 0
 we should hang out.
  • 2 0
 @bikeskibikeski: it seems you're always just missing each other
  • 5 0
 Ben's like one of us! Watching this felt like we were all there instead of riding backseat with a Red Bull Pro. Power to the People! Now let's see Claudio's POV ride, eh.
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 Can Levy start doing POV XCO course laps?
  • 5 0
 I don't have that kind of time
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 It's a testament of how good Ben et al. are when they run a gap sooooooooo smooth and then say that if they messed up they would have "died!". While me, the noob, watching the video thinks - "that didn't look hard at all. I wonder what he was nervous about?".
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 yeah i have watched that back a few times and still cant quite see what was hard about it as it looked so easy on video.
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 @premixernz: It's because Ben is one smooth operator
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 love the cyclocross inside line
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 what I realized now after watching previews is how much shadowlight there is on this track and depending on the time of day it could be less a factor or more of a hazard. I really stoked for another good showdown.
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 This is a very relateable POV preview, love it.

Not that I could ride this track, but the commentary is similar to my self talk when I ride, ha-ha!

#ohshit #wowmadeit
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 Well done. Sneaky lines, that's how you end up marrying the wrong it
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 Not sure if it's just Ben's infectious good vibes, but I really like this track: all killer and very little filler.
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 Luckily there are lots of trees on the steep sections to help slow you down.
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 Cathro is so Enduro with all these short cuts Big Grin
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 Bens videos are always a key part of each race that I really enjoy. Im exhausted just watching this.
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 Ben Cathro ladies and gentlemen, the uncrowned world champion of cheeky inside lines.
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 Some nice lawn mowing happening there.
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 Wow that was a fun watch.
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 Third person Thursday. That was mint
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 Thanks for the preview, good luck on race day Ben.
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 So this track would be ideal for Sam Hill to make a comeback ?
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 Excellent preview. great work Ben. good luck this weekend.
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 Was riding at lenzerheide couple weeks back. I umm was much slower.
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 unique preview! I lol'd at the bold lines Smile good luck Ben!
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 Cathro is a treasure. Don't lose him Pinkbike.
  • 1 0
 Killer, where?
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 Good luck Cathro!
  • 2 4
 Woww Ben 1 Reece 0
  • 1 0
 No disrespect to Reece but, Ben 2 Reece 0.
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