Video: Ben Cathro's Race Recap & Analysis - Les Gets World Cup DH 2019

Jul 14, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

Join Ben Cathro as he breaks down all the insane action from the Les Gets World Cup DH. A very special home soil win for Amaury Pierron on Bastille Day and a narrow win for Tracey Hannah which sets her up for a significant lead in the overall standings.

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 I think it's awesome how much the racers appreciate a good crowd. I hope we can show them just as much love when World Cup racing returns to the USA in Snowshoe.
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flag ColquhounerHooner (Jul 15, 2019 at 1:12) (Below Threshold)
 yeah, hopefully that'll happen cos the 'crowds' showing up at the last race in USA (I forget where it was, cos it was forgettable) were truly embarrassingly pathetic.
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 @ColquhounerHooner: You mean the mob of fans running down the last straight after Gwin as he won the race? truly forgettable...

After 4 years without a WC in the states, I can only imagine the thousands of fans that will show up.
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 @ColquhounerHooner: Far from forgettable. One of Gwins best race runs, Missy Giove coming out to race again, the Athertons cooking burgers for everyone after the race. I hope Snowshoe is even better.
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 @ColquhounerHooner: Sorry you feel that way. I was at the finish at the last Windham WC and it was mental!
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 @bmxRC009: so happy you jogged our memories with that one, was so epic!
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 I think Valli Hol should try to pull a Mat Hoffman at the last race this year, enter/race juniors & then race pros.

Of course it probably can't happen because of qualifying but it'd be amazing.

(for those that don't know, at his first pro contest Mat Hoffman won the amateurs & then entered/won the pro division the next day).
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 Dropping some history!
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 Can't wait until next year when she will be mixing it up with the Elite Women. Hopefully Rach will be fit in time, this will make for some exciting racing for sure with 4 or 5 potential winners.

Stefan Everts once did a similar achievement in 2003. During the Grand Prix of that year in Ernée, France, he won the 125, 250 and 650 race all in the same day.
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 @jfrizzle: I'm old ????
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 Love the corrective comment about Gee, when Claudio said that I thought 'Gee always has a leg out when cornering, what's Claudio on about'
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 Claudio in a Jackson-Cathro pincer movement. Hopefully. I've tried to be reasonable about this, but Caliuori can just feck off now.
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 Greg Minnaar had also mentioned at an interview recently that Claudio had been talking stuff he didn't know about.

This came to mind again when Claudio mentioned during the GOAT's run that doing corners clean (not getting the foot out) wasn't the way to go.
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 I wish Claudio would just piss off out of the commentary box and just stick to building pumptracks he comes out with the most stupid things.
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 Guys common. What Claudio did for the sport is unquestionable. Past few races had some polarizing comments, but he always had. He and Rob are showmen, which has been more obvious in recent seasons because of Cathro being so in depth.

Maybe they should be more informed, but hey there is lot of other content which makes up for it. Red Bull is doing good this year (but still missing 60 fps Smile
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 @pulDag: Rob was a showman, but has been neutered by Red Bull. Claudio was quite entertaining when he did the previews, but his commentary game is terrible. Literally everything about it. The grammar, the voice, the inanity, the wrongness, the ability to say one thing while the opposite is happening, calling Mike Jones English during his run (ok, only the Brits care about this), the simple fact of having nothing to say but saying it anyway... It's not entirely his fault, why wouldn't you accept the job if offered it? Maybe enough people love him to keep him in post, but it's hard to accept. One man's irritant is another man's genius. It's a universal problem.
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 @BenPea: the dude is straight up annoying... I just feel like he says stuff just to make himself feel relevant in his job..
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 Those frenchies that photo shopped Loic Bruni’s face onto Trump’s are some funny folks with the “make downhill great again” statement.
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 Love the credits. "Shirt Ironer: MIA"
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 He reminds me of a lucky WSOP player who made the finale table and is now covered in Full Tilt adds.
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 Is that a fake giant hand holding Cathro's microphone? It doesn't look attached to his body and is the size of his head!
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 Must be quite extraterrestial for summing up all this huge amount of quality videos in this short time... not look tired at all at not very young age... and still rip the bike winning enduro races on his country.
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 Thanks so much for the Claudio correction. Two weeks in a row he's said that and had me shouting at the telly! Wink
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 Cathro you are killing it! Thanks for taking the time to make all this great content!!!

And did you talk to Mr. Hart, find out what was up with him or his bike? It didn’t look like he could keep his bike on line in the corners, the back end was just letting loose.
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 Whats the deal with the Myriam Nicole peep show?
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 She said on the redbull live feed after the race was over that if Amaury won by over 2.5 she had to release the tatas.
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 Congratulations Tracy Hannah. Was so nice to see you high-fiving all the crowd and so excited after your win.
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 Was Amaury drinking the Syndicate beer?
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 yeah thought about it too
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 Ben to loris " you are free and you are fifth" almost die laughing. That was great loris! you do resemble the great Freddie mercury.
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 He did very well Under Pressure. Amaury was Stone Cold Crazy tho, it was A Kind Of Magic.
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 Bastille Day is 14th july not 13th july!
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 Or is this just more fake news from Pinkbike?
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 Today I learned that a blow to the head can make you become a Freddy Mercury impersonator.
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 Hattrick from Cathro!
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 That intro music thou.....
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