Video: Ben Wallace, Elliot Jamieson & Cole Nelson Try to Burn 10,000 Calories in 24 Hours

Feb 15, 2021
by ben wallace  

Attempting the crazy 10000 Calorie Challenge with Elliot Jamieson and Cole Nelson. Epic day with the boys pushing our bodies and minds to the limits!


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 You guys are doing this backwards. First, you need a few +10000 calorie days, to bulk up substantially and get fatter. If you're dragging another few pounds around it's easier to hit 10k calories because you're doing more work, and the motivation is there to ride harder too.

I've been working on such a "challenge" for years and while I havent hit -10k calories I'm preparing well.
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 Fat gets you home.
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 Had a >15000 calorie day this summer (don't wear trackers but 60 miles of bikepacking at 13000 feet with >10k of climbing). Ate 2 pizzas and a pint of haagen daaz that night. Then 2 breakfast burritos and 3 donuts the next day for breakfast. Peak living right there.
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 I didn't realize that what you eat is an indication for calories burned?
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 That’s not a 15,000 calorie day. 15k calories is 200 watts average for 21 hours straight. Also, you burn fewer calories at altitude, not more. I did a 100 mile MTB day with 15,000ft of climbing and it was only 8,000 calories or so.
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 @Auto-XFil: maybe I overshot but does the 50lb bike change anything?
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 @Auto-XFil: did that happen to be Shenandoah Mtn 100? I was just checking my 2019 ride of SM100 (I was slow, over 14 hrs weighing at 200+ lbs) and was over 8k calories at 88 miles when my Garmin died. Probably was under 9k calories burned for the race based on my heart rate steadily declining the farther I went.
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 @Auto-XFil: sorry... my ebike don't last long as 21 hours ! Smile
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 @mtbmarkus: nope, it was a ride in the Adirondacks. Congrats on just finishing SM100, that’s a beast! I might be there this year.

@jvhowube nope. Calories burned are proportional to power output and the time that power was being laid down. A heavier bike just means you go slower, so the time goes up for any given ride.

FYI, kJ of power output is almost exactly equal to calories burned. This is a happy coincidence because humans convert twinkies to shred (dietary kcalories to kJ power) at a rate that almost precisely the inverse of the unit conversion between those two units.

In other words, 1kcal is 4.184 kJ. 1/4.184 is 0.239, and it just so happens that pretty much all cyclists have an efficiency of very close to 24%. So the unit conversion and the human efficiency factor cancel perfectly, and if you have a power meter, you can just use kJ output as a stand-in for calories burned and be extremely close.
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 its like watching an episode of letterkenny...
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 can confirm. thats a texas size 10-4
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 Pitter patter

ETA: Posted the above before watching and OMG, they're totally the hockey bros
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 Only a guy under the age of 25 is dumb enough to try this and actually has the energy to pull it off. Well done. Boyz.
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 Wrong, I’m 33 and I can assure you I’m dumb enough.
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 Also did this when I was 33 just last summer. Ended up getting 12Mcal total, with 30k run, 2h Crossfit and 110km of technical trail riding.
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 DH tires use more calories, but so does fixing flats.
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 Sheesh, Ben's a machine, didn't look particularly winded in the end, just chillen.
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 Are we talking Strava calories or Garmin calories?!
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 Was using a whoop tracker so super accurate!
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 Without a power meter, I wouldn't accept anything as being close to accurate.
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 Pushing fiddy, over 100kg. Burn a lot of Kcal/ hr doing stuff. But.... Hmm..... 10000 calories. Consider that seed planted.
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 A Honda civic uses way less fuel for the same distance than an F150......
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 so epic! you should be called Burner from now on!
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 That's a damn good effort. Good idea for a silly goal for the year.
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 Managed about 14,000 on the South Downs way in a day in 31 degree heat a few years back. I was wrecked.
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 solid work boys!
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 trails looks fun!
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 12 hours on a moderate course on zwift would have done it
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 Wouldn't have been as fun tho
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 Did vEveresting in AdZ and it was only 9200kcal for the 14 hours of suffering. (The whole day in total was 10Mcal yes).

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