Video: Bernard Kerr and Lada the Pup Shred London After Lockdown

Sep 29, 2020
by Pivot Cycles  

“Like most of you, my life this year has been very different in this new crazy world that we are all living in. No events… but luckily, I've been able to take some great positives from it - I was able to get a dog - a puppy named Lada. I've always wanted one but been worried about the initial time to train one which during lockdown, I’ve had plenty of.

This was my first time being at home in England for most of the summer in 10 years! Its honestly been so fun just riding out the door, going up to London, and just playing on my bike like I was a kid again. Missing racing is tough, but I’ve been very fortunate to get in tons of trail riding! The Trail 429 is my go-to for the small fun hills where I live and I can put some miles in on it around London.

I hope everyone has been keeping safe and enjoys watching a little snippet of what Lada and I were up to in London during Lockdown.”
– Bernard Kerr


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 He should've bought a Lada and called his dog Porsche. Would've saved a few quid and can fit his bike in the boot.
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 Great idea for a vid... but could have done with a lot more London - basically they just went to one BMX track. There are loads of tracks in London, plus many other great spots.
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 Highlight of the video is easily Lada
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 I'm glad Lada wasn't with Danny Mac - he might have tried a few front flips with her.
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 That Porsche is mint
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 Just casually blasting all over the haggerston bmx track, terrain always looks small in videos
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 Bikes, cars, dogs, DnB - this edit delivers!
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 You know Kerr is the man, driving an OG AC 964. With the bird on the roof. WOW!
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 Any idea what tune that was? Need it in my life!
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 Make Hafla (not war) by Tarante Groove Machine
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 I love trying to guess personalized plates. BK10 PVT= Bernard Kerr 10 years with Pivot?
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 Probably, although it is a fake for the thumbnail, as you couldn't put a "10" plate on a '90s car - 2010 or newer only.
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 Five Guys
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 Does the front 29 wheel fits a 964s trunk?
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 Lada is the best!

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