Video: Bernard Kerr & Pivot Cycles Celebrate 10 Years with Archival Footage

Jun 16, 2020
by d h  

When Pivot called from Arizona late last year to tell me they wanted to film an anniversary story I was so stoked! We got digging and found some old footage of a much younger, dumber, and careless version of me... hahaha. I hope you all enjoy and below is a few little pieces on some questions I got asked about it all & 10 years with the brand.

It’s been an incredible ten years with Pivot! I feel lucky to have found such a good brand and a good bunch of people all of whom believe in the team and myself - Pivot gives us the tools to pursue a bike racing dream. I sometimes worry I'm gonna wake up and it will all be gone (or maybe it's a scam or something) because it's honestly so fun and I actually love it sooooo much. This may sound cheesy, but I really do joke about it!

It's hard sometimes to balance the role of team manager and racer but I have a lot of help from everyone at Pivot, from the athlete coordinators all the way to the mechanics and road manager we have now. Thankfully, it really isn't even close to just being me – it’s really a big team effort. Still, I love that I can make the schedule, or at least have a group discussion on a schedule; not just be told by a team “you need to be at a certain airport on a certain date” to go to a race or event we maybe don't want to go to. It really gives me and the team flexibility to have more fun, and in turn, ride better, and enjoy racing more.

I’d like to thank Chris Cocalis for having A LOT of trust in me ... or perhaps just being a little crazy? I'm super happy that it's all worked out like it has - the bikes are the best there is and after 10 years Pivot really is a family for me. They believe in what I want to do with cool video ideas, and they listen to our input on bikes.

I don't really feel like I've gotten to the top of my game yet. I'm still figuring racing things out and I’m constantly learning a lot that I can apply to becoming a better racer and manager. I want to win a World Cup! My main goals for the team are to win overalls, and I really think it’s all very achievable. Getting the whole team to a race in 2020 is at the top of the list right now!! It's been a tough year for everyone, and it would be rad for us racers to do what we love to do together, and hopefully provide some entertainment to the world.


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 Well at least you don’t have to do those annoying year-end team departure announcements on Pinkbike =P
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 And for the 2021 racing season, Bernard Kerr will be pivoting to...Pivot!
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 Good times Bernie - not sure what my favourite memory was. It's a toss up from getting the van impounded in Tignes and sitting outside the police station waiting for them to re-open, or paying the 'fine' in cash to the police in South Africa to get towed out of the gravel trap you tried to bomb through...
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 It might even be appearing on the repo tv show!
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 Why would you want to win some Overalls?..
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 Oshkosh makes a quality garment, dammit! Who wouldn't want to win some.
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 Ahh the Caravan, I think I spent two summers in that thing. Some fond memory of Pila car park, which features a few times in this film.
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 Let’s face it, Bernard has an “it” factor about the way he conducts the program, the business, and how he has made the team that is reflected in the stability of the sponsorships and and roster. I see this also in Atherton Racing and Syndicate, it must be a uniquely British thing.
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 At Vallnord last year Bernard went past us on his way to the start gate doing a near vertical manual
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 The raddest team!!
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 Bernard's LSD channel on YT is pretty decent
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 *Kerr-avan Years
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