Video: Bernard Kerr Gets Wild on his e-MTB in New Zealand

Apr 2, 2020
by Pivot Cycles  

Everyone knows that you can ride farther on a Shuttle, but did you know you can fly higher as well? Bernard Kerr takes his pedal-assisted adventure to new heights on the Dream Track in New Zealand.

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 Damn, that suicide no hander to stoppie landing was downright nasty! E-bike or not.
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 These nose manual landings are just insane!
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 He must have been amped to land them.
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 @bigtim:'s nice to keep up with current puns
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 Kerr showing how the masses will never ride an E-bike
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 Well actually my gran is pretty handy on hers.
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 The same as if he was on a legacy pedal bike then.
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 @bigtim: Heard she was handy on a lot more than her E bike
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 Comment also valid for his DH bike...
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 I saw him riding the dream track that day when he was practicing a lot of this stuff. he mentioned how it would have taken him 3 times as long to learn all these moves on a regular bike because of how long it takes to hike/ride back up.
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 as much as i love to hate ebikes, im definitely jealous of this kind of thing! Whenever I session jumps or a trail, my mind wanders and I consider how nice it'd be to rocket back up and do it again.

that said...some believe enjoyment can't exist without some suffering, so maybe by taking the hiking/grinding out we'd lose some of the enjoyment on the way down? who knows
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 @nvranka: I'd say Bernard knows, yes? ;-)
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 @nvranka: It took you a long time to get to this obvious conclusion...You'd get a lot of more time on the bike doing stuff you like instead of grunting uphill.
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 @nvranka: As a rider of both e and regular's definitely true that you get more GPH (grins per hour) on the e-bike.

If you crave suffering, on the other hand, they won't be your cuppa.
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 Bernard is one of the most fun and styled riders out there. Such a pleasure to watch his edits!
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 That's not fair Bernard, I'm trying my darndest not to like those bloody e-bike things!
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 I think Bernard loves that bit of extra weight when he’s doing those crazy high whips. Feels more moto-ish, i.e. more stable in the air... Guy is insane!!!
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 The most appropriate part of this video is the AMA logo on his jersey... lol. Ohhhh the irony. Some people actually think he is on a motorcycle. Also, the AMA totally screwed him over. I love it. Kerr, you witty bastard, I love you!
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 Nice song choice. Also, I'd like to see a manual-off competition between Kerr and Nico Vink.
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 Great skills - although the fact it is an e-bike is probably irrelevant apart from the opening sequence. Gotta like the inclusion of the blooper at the end - nice touch.
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 well one of the main perceived issues of ebikes is that they are unweildy/heavy/etc...
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 @nvranka: my main issue is maintenance/ride costs, range, and totally "not connected" to the ground when you pedal.
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 LMAOOO if you slow it down to .25 at 00:21 it sounds like a bunch of satanist are casting obscure spells on Kerr to invoke his manual super powers. But in all seriousness, I don’t ride e bikes and that was the coolest video I’ve seen in a while. Keep rippin Bernard!
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 Queenstown >> quarantine. Its been a week and I already want to go back.
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 So Impressed with Kerrs riding skills and style..just Awesome to see and what great edit & jingle to go with the flow...Pure Gold Wink
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 That song got me Hoppin' and a-boppin'! love it
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 How is that possible? Wow!
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 Torque about skilllz
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 I wish I had even just half of his skill level on a bike!
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 The moto style Whip is from another planet! the rest is tottaly nuts! GO KERR
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 I wonder how long it took him to complete each circuit?
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 Very nice Mr Kerr!
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 Save some pussy for the rest of us Bernard.
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 Turn ups on an MTB are the best thing since dropper posts
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 I saw Travis P do the same same stuff on his dirtbike
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 Stoppie it, you're killing me! That is fucking ridiculous!
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 Nike made mtb shoes ?
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 Que divertido!!!! ????????
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 "Loves front wheel!"
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 From one crosser to another
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