Video: Bernard Kerr, Tahnee Seagrave, Laurie Greenland & Joe Smith Hit Greasy Turns on their eMTBs

Dec 13, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWe head to Wales to check out the Redbull Hardline course for this year's mad event and see what insane changes we can come up with. We stop in at Tahnee Seagrave's house and she takes us out to some of the sickest steep loamy trails ever on the E bikes!

Amazing times and more to come this week with the Atherton at their Dyfi Bike park!
Bernard Kerr


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 Omg... Pros having fun with EBikes.
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 I would say more like “omg the industry telling pros to have fun on e-bikes” lol
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 Dogs and cats, living together!
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 @Robbiek96: Double dog dare you to say that to their faces.
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 how ironic. all that motor and power and cant even propel itself...
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 @Chuckolicious: hey don’t get me wrong ebikes are class great fun on trails, but funny how during a global bike boom all these pros sponsors have sent the ebikes to try/sell. It’s clearly the way industry is pushing sales. I work in a bike shop I see it first hand.
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 Yeah, but can someone tell me why every time they hit an upslope where the e-bike should be assisting, they get off and push or try briefly and then fail? It's not like the e-bikes are particularly helping on the way down. I'm not against e-bikes, but it seems like if the e-bikes can't get them up then they'd be having more fun on normal bikes here without having to push the additional weight uphill...
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 @Robbiek96: OK, but there is a huge difference between what you first said and what you just said. You're not alone. There's a weird victim snowflake triggered mentality going on these days where people claim that E Bikes are being forced on them through various nefarious marketing efforts. I mean, really? Somebody got a gun to your heads? Hell, even if they had to drag the pro, kicking and screaming, to ride some E offering, that somehow compels you to do something you don't want to do? Just totally baffles me. When did people get so friggin delicate? In reality, pros get huge say over what they ride. Notice how many of them have off-brand tires and components on their race rigs? Yea, because they have final say in their contracts. So if their sponsor says hey, here's a cool E bike, go have some fun, they can say f*ck off, or sure, that seems fun. Nobody is forcing anything on anyone, get over yourselves and stop being such delicate victim mentality tools.
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 @Chuckolicious: too true my man. I ain’t getting upset. I just wonder how many do actually want them?

I agree there’s seems to be are real issuse with people getting very upset about ebikes, my store has 2 demo 160mms I use them all time, the abuse I get is unreal.
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 @Robbiek96: Who knows, and honestly, who cares? I hear about pros using them for training because you can basically set the system to maintain a particular heart rate, kind of like ERG mode on Zwift. The weird E Hate seems to be mostly from North America. Rest of world shrugs their shoulders at another example of us being a bunch of crack heads. Want to be subversive? Make a mug shot board of all the people who give you crap and put it on your shop wall. Have it say something like “The promise board: I will never own an EBike”. Hold them to it, then when they inevitably come in wanting one, refuse service to help them stay true. :-D
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 @landscapeben: I've owned one for a couple of months now and I'm still learning how to use it properly. They take a bit of getting used to. I've fallen off on climbs that I could clear on a regular bike before.
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 @cains08: fair enough though they push them up gravel fire roads too in the video... Just saying, for what they're doing they seem a bit redundant.
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 @landscapeben: sorry never got that far in. video was boring the life out of me.
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 Bernard's bike handling skill levels only exceeded by his insufferable boisterous-puppy kook levels. Surprised he hasn't OD'd on stoke yet!
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 insufferable is the word.
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 @Uncled: sure is
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 Talking of seagraves,
I went to revolution bp on friday and met Tahnee, Kaos and Kade edwards & Joe Breedan had pics with them all.

Kade was casually cork backflipping the big step up on vision line, insane to see him for real!
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 What? There's no such thing as a cork backflip.
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Ive just taken a snapshot of it and uploaded it onto my gallary if you wanna check it out????????
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 @AzJones: can't really tell from the photo. Dope nonetheless! Must have been sick seeing it for real. Need to hit Revs next year for sure
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It was 2rite.

They all are such awesome people,
If any of them see this post guys are insane

So friendly, Tahnee is a real people person
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 Did they all speak like factory androids or were they all approached and friendly ?
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Not at all like factory androids.
Very friendly
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 @AzJones: sorry mate I was joking as on here pro’s get lorded if the say hi !
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 @markcorrigan: with a rider like Kade there’s no such that as “there’s no such thing” because he’ll just make it up
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All good mate
I see what you mean
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Sorry mate, what i mean was it wasnt a normal straight backflip, was on a serious angle like he was going to 360 but went upside down aswell....not sure what the proper name for it is.....
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 Bernard....why the heck you have an old LADA in your garage...??
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 Hahaha was thinking the same thing Smile
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 Love the sound of the e-bike at 9.40
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 oh Gosh! is there russian car lada 2106 by your house? ))
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 those trails public?
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