Video: Berrecloth's Qualifying Run - Red Bull Rampage 2015

Oct 15, 2015
by Red Bull Bike  



Berrecloths's Qualifying Run

Title image by Nathan Hughes.

More updates at Tune in live at starting at 10:30 a.m. MT.

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 Other riders hitting the big jumps: "oww" "ugh" *deep gasps. Darren hitting jumps: "wee" "woo" "yo"
This guys a straight up legend. Well done.
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 I liked the unturndown he went for haha just hear him go "nope" when he lands
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 I was mor shocked that this guy At the Start Gate had To look On the List to see his Name.bitch please,its the claw
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 Thanks for representing the over 30 crowd!
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 Killed it on a bike hes barely ridden.
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 Wonder what he thinks about his Canyon.
Too bad we'll probably never know...he can't say "well It's shit compared to the S" or "omg, finally a proper bike" Big Grin
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 He never really seemed to like the direction Specialized was taking the demo. always making remarks you could easily read into as disapproval
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 Hey Darren. If you're reading this.... Pull your signature 3 on that last small jump just before the finish gate. Thank you.
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 dude, this is qualifying, he might pull a 3 in finals. but usually riders don't open their bag of tricks in qualies
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 Finals are gonna be rad. I just see that small fun kicker,on the right just before the finish.
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 The jump is only like 2 feet tall but will most likely see a ton of tricks.
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 maybe steenbergen is going to flip it Big Grin
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 Someone needs to produce s trail map for the venue that lays out each riders lines. It's so hard to tell with all the different camera angles and headcams where on the mountain everyone is in relation to each other.
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 Redbull did it back in 2013
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 Anyone else's vid super pixellated? I'm watching it 1080 and I've seen better 480 vids. Maybe it's just my computer, though.
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 I was under the same impression.
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 Perfect example is Aggy's vid. I just checked and at 480p it was clearer than this at 1080! Weird.
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 Like a good whisky some things just get smoother with age. Amazing ride Claw! Congrats on the new sponsor!
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 Awesome stuff, but all I could think about through the vid was if that cameraman at the top was pregnant?
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 OH DUDE yeah i was like whoa wtf was that!
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 hahahahaha! i did that little joke on my mind too!
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 Same thought here too! Maybe it was a woman?
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 He has the philadelphia collins (mustard tiger) gut from trailer park boys, also the guy on the walkie talkie looks exactly like he did last year.
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 Whatcha lookin' at ma gut fer.
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 I think puts the concern about the new bike to rest. Claw absolutely killed it
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 Man, those trails are buffed out like a dirt highway in some parts! Awesome run, Claw dude! tup
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 Oh....and... The Claw for Priminister of Canada.
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 Well, Election Day is on Monday, after all...
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 Camera angle wasn't the greatest, but he made a monster of a mountain look reasonably rideable...for the foolhardy. Big Grin
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 I didn't think Aggy was allowing other riders part from him and Andreu to ride the hip? I guess the Claw just got through to him...
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 Such a good line a lot of judgement and big mountain skills involved
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 Well, I guess the new bike works ok.
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 I want him to do really well today ... so well in fact that somebody at Specialized feels like an a-hole. Wink
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 That part around 0:16 looks terrifying
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 like a boss
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 Nice Claw! Learn them youngun's.
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 Yep... Seems like he's qualified...
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 omg, love povĀ“s!!!!
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 Glad to see you back.

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