Video: Bex Baraona on Her EWS Podium - "I Kind of Wish I Was Still Working Towards It"

Aug 24, 2021
by Fit4Racing  

What Does It Take To Make It Count?

We follow EWS rider Bex Baraona for a day at her home in Innerleithen, giving you some insight into mental health struggles, training and moving north to a better training ground.

Bex has joined our Fit4Racing program to help her become the rider she deserves. It won't be easy but she has the determination and work ethic to make it happen. We're excited to have her onboard.

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 As a professional athlete you're essentially self-employed. Lots of great benefits with that - freedom and flexibility - but it can be so difficult being solely responsible for your managing every aspect of your performances and managing your own time - particularly when the stakes are high. Big time athletes will have their own coaches, psychology support, team managers etc who organise their time, take a lot of tasks off their hands and give them some structure - but less big time athletes end up having to do pretty much all of this by themselves. They're their own manager, fitness coach, agent, psychologist etc. It can be overwhelming to try to manage all of that. Hopefully Fit4Racing is taking some of these jobs off Bex's hands and is going to allow her to concentrate on the racing and not on all of the peripheral stuff
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 Gowaaaan get em, Hope you get a win this year Bex!
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 Yes Bex! Gowaaaaannnn. Rooting for you
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 Good work Bex! Podcast is still open for when you want to chat! hahaha
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 big plug for Fit4Racing....and why not. taking it to another level. Women's DH and EWS is stacked and will just get stronger. So good to see.
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 Great news Bex! Time for more podiums !
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 An advert for fit4racing, 0 content.
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 dont forget the obligatory buzzword of "mental health" . This type of "content" is getting rather tiresome now.
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 ah, video
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