Video: Bex Baraona Shreds Her Home Trails in Innerleithen, Scotland

Sep 21, 2021
by Ibis Cycles  

Meet Bex Baraona, one of the fastest EWS racers in the world. She also co-founded Gowaan Gals, a program to help inspire other women to ride through events, content, and coaching.

The former UK National Champion recently moved to Innerleithen, Scotland, one of the UK's premier riding destinations. It is home to the head EWS office and will play host to the final round of the 2021 EWS season.

In this video, Bex discusses the reason for her moves, gives insight into her training regimen, and shreds some new trails on her Ibis Ripmo Carbon.

Last weekend at the EWS in Finale, Bex won the final stage of the weekend and finished in 3rd place.

Thanks to those who make this all possible, our sponsors: Ibis Cycles, POC, Maxxis tires, Bike Yoke, Shimano, Fox, LizardSkins grips, One-Up components, Wilderness Trail Bikes, Dumonde Tech, Umara, Cush Core, Stages Cycling, Motion Instruments.


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 Made me smile
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 Stop exploiting my fantasy ringers for the final EWS round pinkbike. Lol
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 Was added to my fantasy league team, just before this popped up.
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 A video that reflects the true stokage of riding a bike. Loved it.

Last time I was at Inners, I sat in the rain at the bus stop in the evening (DH Nationals round a couple of months ago) with a bunch of drunk football fans who supported different teams and we just talked blx for a while, whilst one of the sung, the other apologised for their drunk mate and we all smiled and chatted until their bus came.
Great wee town.
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 I can barely get to the PB content anymore before my daughter alerts me to some shredits I need to see that she found first. Thank the gods that not only do the ladies shred (and always have) but they're finally getting the coverage they've long been denied. Effin love it. You can expect a tonna coverage for guys: nothing new here, but at least now the young gen can watch guys & gals killin it & that really matters.
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 And getting paid fairly really matters. I follow Bex and she was one of the reasons I bought an Ibis.
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 @kokofosho: AGREED. As a guy I can truly say I hope the mountain bike ladies are getting paid equally to the men, but maybe this would be a deeper dive conversation to pinkbike’s topic they did a few months ago about overall pay… Which wasn’t very much even for some of the best riders. I would be curious to know
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 #1 fan boy keep shredding Bex
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 Bex, come ride the Shore with me and my buds. We wouldn't be able to keep up with you, but the laughs would be strong all day long!
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 If I was 20 rather than 50 with a wife and child I'd be moving there myself. It has that lovely ski town feeling and the trails are a match for anywhere.
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 It's a great place but don't know if I'd compare it to a ski town. :-)
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 Great to see Bex enjoying Innerleithen and great to see cameo from Innerleithen's famous Goose and Horse
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 "wee scottish guttle" - thats pretty much priceless with that smile. The best for race, Bex !
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 Them turns doe
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 Brilliant! Love ya Bex!
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 This is awesome!
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 Good times Bex. Buzzing to see you on the podium!
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 Ye ken what they say Hen.? 'A day out the valley is a day wasted'..... Good video
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 Great video guys! Heading to Inners this weekend. Maybe see you there!
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 Where's dillon..

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