Video: Bienvenido Aguado Lands a Huge 73ft Frontflip

Aug 20, 2020
by Jan Porič  

One day after the event, a few riders stayed and had some fun on the big line at MTB Trail center Kočevje. Riders: Bienvenido Aguado, Antoine Bizet, Manuel Simion, Jaka Hartman, Primož Tanko and Jošt Štrucelj

22.4 m frontflip Foto https porsonmedia
Bienvenido Aguado landed a huge 22.4 m long frontflip!

Foto https porsonmedia
Manuel Simion with no-hander

Foto https porsonmedia
Jaka Hartman on first big transfer

Freeride event in Slovenia 2020. On big line (3 jumps) from 15 m to 23 m, here are results:

- Best Trick: Bienvenido Aguado
- Best Line: Iven Ebener
- Best Whip: Iven Ebener
- Best Style: Iven Ebener
- Flat Out Beast: Jan Perše

Flat Out Days 2020 Recap:


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 Just when I thought we were reaching the peak of insanity, Aguado hits a front flip that actually looks like it defies physics, and I am reminded that progression of the sport is alive. My mind is blown.
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 Any front flip on a bike is literally pushing against all the natural physics on what the bike/rider want to do, which is why it’s so hard and most of the time fairly awkward looking. Even the smoothest front flips still look pretty harsh.
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 Well Said! The style on it was so good too... almost looked like a classic Simon Dumont "lawn-dart front flip"... so cool!
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 @taurausmountain: oh god you're probably one of those kids that voted for Dumont to win best trick that horrendous night we shall not speak of.
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 Not trying to take anything away from Bien. What he did is truly insane, but lest we all forget, Tom Vansteenbergen did this five years ago on a super rough-cut, virgin line. Still blows my mind:
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 Two better than one Smile
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 But it was 3ft less ???? both impressive ????
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 Well played sir.
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 the asshole with the chainsaw lol. Looked like fun!
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 Hey, only my mom can call me an a*shole lol Big Grin
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 Well his headtube didn't snap off so things must be going well for him.
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 playing with a trajectory calculator, assuming a 45 degree launch, height of zero (lip and landing roughly level) and a 33 mph takeoff speed, I get a distance 72 feet. how close is that to the real deal?
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 The take off has 33° and yes the landing and take off are roughly the same height
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 @struc: thanks! dang, speed is more like 34.5 mph then. Assuming zero friction. Wink
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 @struc: When you pop perfectly your CoG has trajectory of 35° and you can also go 35mph with some air resistance. It's a perfect jump. #35crew
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 Wow, looks like an awesome event! I never would have thought Slovenia when I thought big jumps but damn...
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 I need jumps like this in my life
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 I'm getting too old. Last time at the dirt jumps, I wrecked my good track pants, and cut my shin up really bad, from landing short. The general consensus after that was, "eeeeediot".
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 I'm too stoked to comment..
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 Me too!
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 Amazing! I just can't imagine hitting a jump that could you possobly know what speed to go?
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 Jump the 18m hip infront smooth, than just give a few cranks and pull up hahah. It's a really smooth jump
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 Is he actually tapping the front brake before take off because it does not seem like it in the onride video?
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 Glad he got that toptube fixed.
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 Incredible feat and a heartfelt RIP to that Ohlins..
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 Freaking A

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