Video: Bienvenido Aguado's Rampage Crash and Run

Oct 28, 2019
by James Smurthwaite  

Bienvenido Aguado's first-ever Rampage run came to an abrupt halt as he crashed attempting a front flip off the first drop. He quickly got back up and continued to the bottom, hitting one of the rawest and most unbuilt lines on the hill. Bienve went for the front flip again in run 2 but had to call it quits after his bike snapped.


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 A lot of people are surprised that his bike snapped on this relatively small jump (in comparison), but this was honestly pretty much a worst case scenario for the headset area of a bike. A 50-50 case on a very sizable drop, as well as the the angular momentum that he has from the flip. That’s gonna be harder on a frame than landing a 70ft drop to the ‘sweet spot’ with both wheels down at the same time all day long. I’d imagine a lot of bikes would have suffered the same fate in that situation.
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 and there was also the first crash and tomahawk which likely caused some issues
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 A Santa Cruz V10 snapped like this last year at Highland due to casing a landing the same way. Bottom line is bikes aren't supposed to land like that.
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 Exactly. As you mentioned, not only did he cased it really bad, but you have to consider the energy added by the frontflip rotation!
Reminder: Brendog destroyed his Alu frame "only" casing his Canyon gap landing. This course is so hard on the bikes. In the end there is not that much failures compared to the constraints put on the bikes
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 Yup, especially after impacting it the same way on the first run. Multiple impacts with all the torque from the flip and the leverage of the fork, I wouldn't expect any bike to hold up to that
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When Scott touted that their new gambler frame was super lightweight my first thought was will it survive rampage. But Rampage is not a normal riding situation.
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 @Aptlynamed: I agree with you. However, they were talking about the carbon one, I don't remember them talking about an Alu version. Anyway, Carbon or Alu, it would have been compromised in any case.
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 @Aksel31: "would have been compromised in any case"... pun intended?
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 @logcabm77: hahaha thought about it afterwards
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 It’s totaled Tues(day)! I’ll let myself out...
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flag stumphumper92 (Oct 29, 2019 at 6:54) (Below Threshold)
 Please do
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 What do people think about riders being free to continue rampage runs after big crashes? talking bout what we’re learning about concussions here as well as compromised equipment.
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 As they mentioned in the broadcast, the medical team onsite has to clear a rider to be allowed to continue after a big crash. They were talking about it after Andreu’s first run. And of course, the rider has to decide they are up for another run aswell. I do however wonder how much they check out the bikes after a crash (for cracks mainly). I doubt they really consider that in the heat of the moment.
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 Andreu was clearly concussed, should not have been allowed to compete. The sport is getting better about it, but still a long ways to go.
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 @yakimonti: Yeah for real. He was stumbling around after the crash and I'm like wtf don't get back on your bike dude.
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 Dang, a bit more of a bike check after that crash should be in order. But, adrenaline. I hope he gets back to Rampage again. He's got a slightly different style that I love watching. I'd like to see first year riders get a few extra few days to build. Unless they have been on a build crew before it's gotta take a few days just to get thier head around Rampage. Would be safer and put out better rides imo.
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 I think I'm most surprised by the lack of any sound coming from Bienvenido as he crashed in the video. Not a wimper, GAHHHH, OH $HIRTBALLS or anything. Legit impressed by how cool he stayed
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 who would win? a svelte rampage-ready YT dh bike, or a couple of casey bois?... da bois obviously.
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 Hey Bienve, congrats on pickin' 'er back up and making a great run.....kudos!
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 Thats how you destroYTop tube.
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 I lol'd
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 Brings back the old carbon vs aluminum question.. I have seen a lot more pros on aluminum lately. Not saying either is better. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. Glad hes ok!
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 I mean, Brendog snapped his Aluminum Scott Gambler in practice and had to do his finals runs on his Carbon WC bike...
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 @Ryan2949: as previously stated, not saying either is better.
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 Thank lucky stars thst potentially-compromised frame survived the rest of run #1, and never saw a full run #2.

Carbon vs aluminum on Rampage bikes in 3...2...1...
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 It seems as tho aluminum and carbon are tied for this years rampage. (Brendogs Alu gambler failed during a practice run apparently)
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 The carbon fiber has a higher yield point point in destructive testing.
Read, must crash harder to leave fork dangling.
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 @logcabm77: is there a video of this? I think it would be interesting to see.
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 @InstantBreakfast: Haven't seen one, just read about it. Would love to see a video though. Also really curious to see close up pictures of both broken bikes.
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 @InstantBreakfast: Check about 45 seconds in, he's casing the canyon gap on a different bike than he ran in the finals.

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