Video: Big Bike Park Sends in 'Recollection'

Jul 16, 2021
by COMMENCAL bicycles  

In the essence of Recollection, we slow down time to look back and focus on the finer moments.

Dillon Lemarr and Jared Hardy take the Clash and head to Ride Kanuga in Asheville, NC to see what it has to offer.

bigquotesThe Clash has quickly become one of my all time favorite bikes to ride. From mellow trails, to jumps, to the steeps, the Clash rips it all.Dillon Lemarr


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 before the last person leaves PB for Vital please switch the lights off.
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 Is it really going to happen? No please....
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 Is it identity theft if someone steals your PB username and uses it on their Vital account?

I’ve always liked @iamthedogezra, but how can I be sure it’s really the same pooch over on Vital? Will Ezra be behind the paywall? Will they take him for walks? So much uncertainty.
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flag ream720 (Jul 16, 2021 at 5:13) (Below Threshold)
 can't wait for all this incessant childish whining to actually leave. any time now. and remember, it's not an airport, you don't need to announce your departure.
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 There’s 2 parts to this issue- 1: paywall 2: outside corporation

I don’t think that the Paywall would be the biggest problem, we pay for access to Trailforks after all. The issue really is that the paywall is associated with Outside, who will likely dilute and de-fang the content and certainly the commentary.

This is the part of it that I, at least, really object to. Mtb is f*ckin rad, fiercely independent, and should stay that way. I should be punk on wheels, not some middlebrow hobby.

Setting up a paywall by itself might preserve the rawness, but selling it to outside is a stab in the heart
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 paywall to watch adv of products we do not need
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 I have always wanted to see a review on a clash. But it’s probably hidden behind the paywall.
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 Future mtb edit intros- slow mo of dude walking bike, looking down and clicking subscribe to $9.99/month
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 There is a solution to all of this.

If Pinkbike were to use the subscription policy found on say The Guardian newspaper website, everyone, subscribers and non-subscribers, would get exactly the same access to content. The only difference being paying for the subscription removes the ads (which seems like a fair trade) as well as allowing them a chance to support the staff.
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 Thats not a bad idea in theory, but in reality PB has been free to readers for TWENTY YEARS.....getting people to start paying now is going to be a very, very tough sell.
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 the ad on PB Is not a gazziliion pop up's;

however main issue with outside is the content itself
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 Kanuga is in Hendersonville. Don't lump us in with those Asheville schmucks.
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 bunch of flag burnin maskholes :.)
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 Big bike park sends in 'Recollection...... of a time when you could watch these videos for free'
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 “I firmly believe that this was the best possible way to take Pinkbike to the next level”
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 I dont know guys.... the riding in this video is pretty freaking badass, the filming was fuggin sick too. But how about those paywalls eh. Keep comments in the proper posts buds. I didnt come here to read about paywalls.
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 Do you know why we never see reviews of Evil bikes? They are behind the evil paywall!
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 Apparently Levy stated on the podcast that Evil simply won't send any bikes out to test - so there's that. Some things are just better left cult.
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 trying to figure out how many times he switched pedals between flats and mallets during the run. I've been on flats for 20yrs after busting a knee ligament National DH race 20yrs ago when the clip didn't release but just ordered a pair of mallets as I'm interested in seeing how it will change up some of the trails I ride. Not sure I'll be carrying both sets on every run though.
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 Bomber riding but that intro is 50 Shades of Gray lame. Too much slow mo = trying-to-make-gods-of-mortals and its lame no matter how badass the rider is (and he is). Hard to watch tho, kinda like walking in on your great aunt or uncle changing panties...ya just have to look away.
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 Wow no credit to Windrock, but some of those clips were definitely filmed there!
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 I was wondering where the hell that wooden lip was at Kanuga...
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 Yep, Its simple: from the trailhead at Kanuga, ride back to your car and then drive to Tennessee!

All the riding up to 0:45 is from the 'Rock
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 I have a recollection of a time before paywalls....
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 comment section became quiet lame with all this paywall shitting around
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 Edit: *radness* not rawness
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 Nice riding! And I'm intrigued by the bike now.
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 Hendersonville, NC...

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