Video: Big Mountain Lines from Andreu Lacondeguy in 'The Utah Madre'

Apr 22, 2019
by Brian Park  

Always a pleasure to see new material from Andreu. Some heavy moves in the second half!

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 I am a simple man. I see Andreu edit in Utah and I watch.
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 all I see in that title is Puta Madre !!!
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 I couldn't watch this just one time...I watched it three times!! Wicked shredding Andreu and great shooting Hector!! Let's ride some crazy stuff soon!!
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 I read this in Brett Tippie voice
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 @bikingblake: are the voices in your head loud enough?
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 In that case you have three adjectives, three nouns, let's hear all the dad jokes: go!

I have no dad jokes of my own, so I'm relying on you. Sad trombone...
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 It is summer! Look at that first line!!! I have my steep slope lines planned out, Andreu is making me take them NOW NOW NOW NOW!!!!

I love you Marcus Flossmann! Thank you for this sick Aluminum Tues. And Howie.

I owe Howie and Ray a beer.

I got into mtb because I saw Kyle Strait on a white demo 8 with chrome rims on a specialized demo.

12 years later I'm buying a used bike, Lemmy T, from Howie, all the same magazines and footage on hand that inspired me. To top it off, got to hang out with Ray and Howie!!!

And now here I am, I would die to make my bike happy taking rowdy lines. Kissing Brett Tippies ass (I have done worse, and for less, lines off hooker's tits anyone?)

Life is good. I'm stoked to be sober.

You're an inspiration. Hope your life is rad man, you're killing it in my eyes with the sobriety and family lifestyle.

No weed or boosze for six months. Next obstacle: cigarettes. Ick. Yuck. Kelly would be pissed. I've ran from the valley to the top of the falls in Yosemite (yer god damn right I'm bragging, that's a hike, not a run) so why am I still smoking?

Hugs dude. Even if you don't respond just bask in my appreciation of your inspiration. Cue some dirty jokes?

Talk to you later man

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 @LoganKyleMcCallum: Logan, how are you man? Congrats on sobriety for 6 months...especially the booze!! I have nothing against it or people that drink, it's just that some of us are better off without it! If you know yourself, and realize you're living a better life sober, then keep it going! Stoked for you...thx for the props and keep shredding!!!
PS-Did you hear about the salesman that knocked on the door of a house? A 10 year old boy answered with a glass of brandy, a lit stogie, the remote control and a felt fedora hat on. The salesman asked, "Ummmm, is your parents home?" The boy answered, "Does it fricking look like it?" ha ha
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 Talk about making a career on a mtb. Dudes had a red bull helmet on for what seems like 20 years. And is probably like 26 years old.

Remember the days when he was sitting out of joyride when he didn’t like the course? One of the last freeride 26rs too.
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 i wanna know when the secret project he ghosted social media and missed fest series events for is coming out.
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 Just like last year. Dude disappears all of 2018, comes out and wins Rampage with one of the heaviest freeride runs ever thrown down. Can't wait to see what he has in store for this year.
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 @chriskneeland: You do know Rheeder won, right?
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 @MikeyMT: heheh
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 @MikeyMT: I guess some would think so.
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 @MikeyMT: we all know andreu won. His line was nasty!
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 Flat Table 3 Superman Backflip? I don’t even know what to call that last move!! The man right here...
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 A B A B > ^^
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 His flat look back 3's are fucking angelic.
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 Was thinking the same thing, I don't know what it is but it sho' is awesome!
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 It's a one-man mini Rampage! I wanna ride loco after seeing that.
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 What was that? He jumps the bike and lets go of the handlebars and pulls the bike in by grabbing the seat. That must be the best seat grab I’ve seen ever!
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 I remember this one dirt jam video session with Andreu, T-mac, Bearclaw and others back in 09 and they micc'ed up Lancondeguy and he was talking so much awesome shit and 'guiding' us through the transition, super stoked to see him riding at present!!!
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 Andreu has NEVER “lost” a Rampage. G.O.A.T. ????
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 Did u guys notice when someone hijacked his FB page last year?
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 @DirtbagMatt yeah it was some dirtbag named Matt I heard....
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 @MatthewYoung4: yeah he was matt, he was dirtbag and he was young
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 @MatthewYoung4: LOL! If I was smart enough to hijack a FB page I’d be wealthier...
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 Loved the contrast of that second song with the insane riding!
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 I thought the last one was him bailing but now i just dont know what i saw
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 That's some ninja shit right there.... or REALLY slick CGI. Smile
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 oh my god. This was truly a breath of fresh air.
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 Love the huge big mountain lines right into the super tech jumps! Sick mix!
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 De puta madre
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 Dale gas loco!!!!
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 The Utoh amo
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 that's some MAD Skills right there !!!!
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 Wow. Awesome!
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 The fucking jefe!!
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 That's a fkn vide
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 was that a cork seat grab at the end?
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 Best since Lund’s edit. YT team kills.
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 Such a rad dude! And he can ride a bike too!!
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 Fuking class buuuuuap
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 I reckon he's actually from Krypton
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 esta de puta madre !!
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 Love watching Andreu ride......great work!
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 only spanish speakers got the name
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 That move at 4:19 was amazing
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 For all those who don't speak spanish, 'puta madre', means, Hi Mom!
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 more steeze please - more steeeezzzzeeeee
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 Thought his last name is Lacondeguy but the Buff title says Lacondeuy... I'm new to the sport, what gives?
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 On a different note, weird ad? You don't exactly need to wear a buff in utah. I feel like you would be dying from the heat.
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 for the dust mate
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 Molt toop
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 Natural born freerider. He is a true legend.
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 what a badass
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 such crazy style

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