Video: Big Sends at the First Strait Acres Jam

May 3, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThe first annual Strait Acres Jam! Come hang out with us! Rachel Strait


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 I'm just here for Frankie clips...
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 I've loved watching Kyle ever since his first Rampage when he was a little whipper snapper, just an absolute legend!!!
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 Was that Mitch on an Evil at the beginning?
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 I was wondering the same thing.
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 Considering the caption said "Mitch Ropelato's OnlyFans $5.99" I'd say it's not impossible.
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 Mitch said, “It’s Bubba’s girl” — pretty sure he swapped bikes with Austin Warren for a few laps (Austin rides for Evil, Mitch is on Cannondale)
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 @christian-peper21: doh, i totally forgot he was on cannondale now. That makes more sense now.
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 looks like a blast!!
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 My boy Colt
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 When you count first dosis as enough, it nearly true And South America with covid crisis is behind the (new) iron curtain, so hey: life IS good down there…
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 Does brovid-19 not exist in the US anymore?
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 We almost have it under control! Life is good down here.
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flag freshd1rt (May 3, 2021 at 10:54) (Below Threshold)
 @suspended-flesh: bruh thats not true
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 I mean most of them are probably vaccinated at this point tbh
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 @freshd1rt: I said 'almost'. Everyone 16 and up here in my neck of CA gets a no-appointment vax if wanted. We're doing good. They're doing almost as well down there....
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 active, healthy middle aged folks, risk is basically zero.
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 @Bluanche: nope still under 1/3 vaccinated with their first round. Most of them require 2 shots
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 @makripper: My town is 70+ percent at least 1 dose, 50 % fully vaxed.
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 @makripper: thanks doc. But not knowing who in the video is vaccinated, and considering there’re outside riding bikes..maybe don’t worry about it? Just a thought.
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 @mobil1syn: don’t come in here with facts. It’ll get you cancelled
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 "The CDC's new guidelines, which are being backed by the California Department of Public Health, allow residents to forgo masks in most outdoor settings and come as more and more residents are getting vaccinated against COVID-19."

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 @youseeus: I'm not worried. But you don't have to be a bitch
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 @suspended-flesh: that's unreal! Glad theres actual progress happening and lives are being saved
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 @makripper: na, those people having fun pissed you off. But lol at being called a bitch from a dude with “ripper” in his name.
Should of just went with “shredda and called it a day.
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 @suspended-flesh: I have to call baloney on that article. No disclosure of tests performed, positivity rate, cycle thresholds being used (see recent CDC guidelines for reduction in cycle thresholds that would lead to a lower positivity rate), accounting for a percentage of the population having developed natural immunity....

Anyways, awesome to see people acting normal in a very not normal world right now.
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 That's fine. They aren't on trial. It just popped up first when I searched. The truth always comes out in the end. Things are looking up (here, now - can't speak to other areas or the future).

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