Video: Big White Slopestyle Highlights

Sep 7, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  

Nothing but bangers at the 2020 Big White Slopestyle. Check out all the highlights from each event!

Video by Karl Heldt


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 How many bar spins are people doing with a backflip these days?? Wow that was awesome!
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 well they're not backflips, but here's a guy on bmx doing triple truck on a dinky little jump and then quad truck on a pretty small box:
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 Should check out what the Swedes are doing lately. Someone does a backflip bar whip bar
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 @plyawn: Damn! that barspin to tailwhip was nuts!
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 @anchoricex: Holy shit! It's at 1:00 and insane
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 @freeinpg Emil has done a backflip quintuple (I think that's the word?) barspin... so 5 for now.
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 @leon-forfar: that’s it yes! Quintuple! He landed like 3 world firsts at that event...
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 Miss the old days, when the style was more important than the number of barspins or tailwhips ...
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 @ViktorNovak: Most of the people who have the ability to do that many barspins also have the bike control to have great style. Go watch any of Erik Fedko's videos and tell me he lacks style
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 @TheLongMan: I wonder what will go down this week at Audi nines haha... Hard to believe you can squeeze anything else into the combos going down.
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 @ViktorNovak: except Emil is both one of the most stylish and technically proficient riders in the game. I agree that some of the bigger moves start to look less stylish at the extremes but no one is "hucking" quad bars...
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 I can't imagine how youngsters get to such a level of riding.
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 Pretty much unlimited access to airbags, foam pits, resi ramps and skate parks is a good place to start. When I was a kid we always heard of a kid who knew a guy who's cousin lived in a town that had a foam pit. Now, where I live there are at least two foam pits and a couple airbags and like ten skate parks within 30 minutes drive. On a trail bike ride with a local pro (massive career, tons of podiums, legend in the sport, still rides at Crankworks, Fest etc. wasn't Cam Zink or Paul Bas) a couple of years ago he told me a little anecdotal story about how kids now days come out to the DJ spots and they already absolutely nail tricks first try because they have already greased them hundreds of times in the foam pit and resi ramp. He told me that when he was a kid he tried a 360 and on the first try he broke his femur. A year later, after healing up and not riding for a year, he tried a 360 again. . . And broke his femur. Could you imagine losing two full seasons of riding at that level and still being super successful and having a lucrative career? Incredible.
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 @Trudeez: I know that, but still it's hard to imagine. And seeing those tricks in person is even more jaw dropping.
I can really feel it here at our local scene - we got tons of natural, challenging trails but hardly ANY features or jumps. You'd be hard pressed to find a single decent tabletop jump on any trail in the country. And it really dictates the nature of the riders here. Every couple of years someone builds some jumps at some hidden spot (which never last more than a year), tons of youngsters train on them, and immediately you see this burst of talent and performance. It really doesnt take much to bring it to the surface. But still, the fact that they step up the game more every year is still incredible to me. 10 years ago half those rides would've given them a podium in Krankworks Smile
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 @Trudeez: Still not a single foam pit where I live or even the surrounding countries. Might have to take a trip to Gavle in Sweden to ride a foam pit
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 Great event the riding is getting unreal from kids up!
But where’s Tippie these days he made this site and I’m sure I’m not the only one missing the master at events like this around the world.
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 Young riders are losing respect for older riders... in the best way.
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 Dude, song choice was sick!
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 Nice work Max, and Scott!
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 What is the name of the second track??
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 Nice work zoe the joey!
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