Video: Bikepacking the Arizona Trail

Feb 23, 2020
by SCOTT Sports  

Leaving Time Behind // Moments of Perfection on the Arizona Trail

Without an agenda, time becomes irrelevant. When it comes to bikepacking, this is the perfect mindset to have. Void of all expectations and obligations, Jackie Paaso and Stan Jorgensen set off on a three-day, 90-mile mission on the Arizona Trail, embracing the moment and abiding only by the rhythm of mother nature.


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 The AZ Trail does not go near Sedona or Cottonwood Arizona, did they get lost?
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 Fair question
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 Also seems like it took them 2 days to ride from Flag to Sedona based on the editing. While conceptually cool, all sorts of wrong with this video.
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 Fake news. The AzTrail does not go through Sedona or cottonwood. Flagstaff to cottonwood is 62 miles not 90
The poor guy/girl riding a proper bike packing bike carried the cameras coffee grinder coffee and all the other gear so the posers could make this bullshit video . Suck it Scott
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 I think the poor guy/girl is a entire film crew in a van. This is a full on infomercial marketing bs and has very little to do with real bikepacking.
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 Riding tubes, in Arizona? Also, the AZT Doesn't go through Sedona or Cottonwood...

Bikepacking is cool though
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 Totally, like who rides tubes, and in Arizona of all places.

But they did bring the coffee grinder so they must be authentic Wink
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 Bike packing is appealing to me but lugging a dozen beers per day is a challenge.
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 How were yall able to fit all your gear on the fullies? Do you have a packing list you could share? I love bikepacking but it always ends up being pretty uncomfortable on my rigid bike
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 you're only giving up frotn triangle room for a frame bag.althought these two had a film crew.check out rockgeist for frame bag ideas
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 A backpack could be key for light, bulky items and day supplies. With FS I use a small Revelate front roll, a 22-liter backpack 2/3 full, two top tube bags, one feed bag. Tiny seat bag for full use of dropper. Maybe a pocket on the front roll. The front roll will jog around a bit on roudy terrain, bolster it with a couple of all-around starps. Being able to get behind your seat is dreamy. I rode the full AZT with a rigid post and big seat bag, and even with a 65° HA hardtail it was downright scary many times, not to mention unplanned low-speed dismounts. FS bikepacking is way do-able with a thoughtful but ruthless culling of gear and placing of cargo.
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 @rider001: are you trying to say I shouldn't pack a coffee grinder? I'm not sure my insta followers will be happy with pre ground coffee pics
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 @brookland27: I have that grinder, it’s ridiculously slow ... but yeah, wow, I never considered your followers.

f*ck me, and I thought it was the riding that mattered.
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 I'm pretty sure they had van full of coffee grinders and spare sunglasses following them.
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 @brookland27: Hehe. Ruthless could mean a titanium cup for you. Your Insties cool with ganja in lieu of java? Get ruthless, brah, save some weight. ; )
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 It is funny in these movies, they always leave their bikes unlocked in the front of an establishment. In my area of SF Bay Area/Santa Cruz, those bikes would be gone in seconds.
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 Well done video. This is one reason I love mountain biking . A silent human powered vehicle that has minimal impact on the environment. Allowing me to travel to amazing destinations . I keep all my gear in a 60 liter pack . I can get the weight down to under 30 pounds with my camera gear, fishing gear and an inflatable raft.
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 I wonder where they carry all the water, doesn't look like there are wells all around. Different story if you have to carry all the water with you..
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 Tubes? In Arizona???
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 Bike packing is great, but best to keep the weight you carry down as much as possible, without being left short is the balancing act!
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 Man that was sappy
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 Love the idea of bike packing on a proper trail bike vs. dicey drop bar single track. Spring is in the air, and I'm planning routes.
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 looks like a proper adventure, jealous about the weather:-)
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 Nice video. Really shows the diversity of the area I call home.
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 Wait, did they do this on regular ol' pedal bikes? So, 30 miles per day average and no e-motor? Oh, right, the ebike would have run outta juice and then they'd be pedaling 45 lb boat anchors. Ironic that most ebike arguments state that they enable you to really get out there...but do they?
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 You sound irritated chap.
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 @Boosting: no, not irritated at all actually. Just stirring the ebike pot a little.

Maybe its you thats irritated by my comment? Smile .
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 Three day trip and they bring a coffee grinder?

Nice tent, it’s for all the rain you encountered and the swarms of bugs you get from all the humidity.

Learn to pack lighter, that’s they key, long distance backpackers have it down to a science:

Bar bag, seat bag, small backpack. Full suspension bike.
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 AZT goes all the way to Tucson I believe
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 And all the way down to the US-Mexico for sure, maybe even farther.
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 It goes from the Utah/AZ border to Mexico.
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 90miles and 5500ft ascend looks like little longer one day trip. Anyway, great outdoors. Cheers!
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 Axle levers pointed forward?
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 Does every bike movie have to have a coffee scene and then end with a burger scene?
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 Makes me want to get out for a proper adventure! Well done guys!
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 So....did they get it on, or what?
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 "...the rhythm of mother nature" pretty much says it, no?
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 She said he was a funny guy
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 Who knew so many PB commentators were expert bike packers!

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