Video: Blake Pearce Shreds Dusty Trails in Western Australia

Feb 22, 2020
by West Matteeussen  
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This is the first part I've uploaded of what was meant to be a video showcasing Western Australias best riders. Unfortunately, we all work and have lives so scheduling days to go filming with everybody became difficult and that's not before factoring in injuries and mechanicals that stop filming. I've put the project on the back burner for now and plan to release bits and pieces of what I did complete so the videos don't go completely to waste.

Blake was keen on the idea of the project from the day I mentioned it and made himself available to get some filming time in and produce something that demonstrates his riding. He has an ability to ride incredibly smoothly on the roughest and loosest tracks and has been a top racer in Western Australia for years and even placed second in U/19's 2017 EWS Derby and then in the top 60 in 2019.


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 Must be hard to ride such a dusty trails... I guess... Never ridden in conditions like this
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 And it looks like we never will in the UK.
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 what is dust?
Think I have forgotten, more chance of powder with the 50mph winds just now.
Pretty pants few months for sure.
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 @betsie: I love the fact you've got to stomp on the pedals on the descents,the winds that strong.
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 It’s really hard if your in a train with 4 people in front and all you can see is dust haha and it’s actually slippery
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 @Jamesgoulding: hahaha dust is horrid haha. being aussie, Ive hardly ever taken the bike out in mud,

or dirt for that matter. loam doesnt exist here, its all rock aha
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 In summer it sucks. Soft, slippery, no grip. Stinking hot and dry. You learn to bunny hop the snakes and lizards pretty quick. Come winter with a bit of moisture it just rips though.
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 Where was that filmed. Giddyup, shutup, buggerup or maybe madeitup?
Anyhow it was great to watch
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 Trails out past kickatinalong
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 Dry as a dead dingos donger
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 Amen to that
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 Good to see West Oz on show, great photography West, good to see Blake riding
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 Thanks! Should be a few more edits to come so hope they make the front page as well
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 Bunch of young fellas down in Albany that would be keen to shoot with you mate.
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 Did some filming with a couple recently. They ripped
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 Nice work Westy, made me a little homesick.
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 Porn Crumpets!
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 Love the Psychedelic Porn Crumpets!
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 Rad riding and filming. Ya get used to dust in Australia that's for sure.
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 That's some seriuos speed on some pretty hectic trails.
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 This is sick Westy!
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 Sasquatch at 2:03!
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 1:40 to 1:52 great shot
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 Why no goat farm?
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 Cos it’s shit?
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 @vandenr2: haha, I thought it, you said it.

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