Video: Blind Enduro Racing at its Best

May 31, 2019
by prkplive  


After a successful first two years of Blinduro, the blind racing format returned for the third edition at the beginning of May to the surroundings of the lake Lipno."Total of 500 riders competed in Lipno last year, so I thought why not try to attack limit of 500 riders again,” says director of the race Michal Prokop. This event was sold out in 9 hours, but due to the incredible interest, the final number of registered riders stopped at 520.

Michal Prokop cooperated with local rider Pavel Schwarz, the trail builder of Lipno Bike park. "During the summer we did some new research on the location here. The main goal this time was to find as many new trails as possible and upgrade the race a little bit more again. We looked for natural trails, best of all, in the popular fresh dirt.

On Saturday, four stages were waiting for the racers. From the first stage in Lipno, the riders were slowly moving towards to highest peak of the weekend, to Luč. During the day some rain clouds showed up. So not only muddy stages but also demanding transfer between the second and third trail challenged all riders and their bikes. During the afternoon, the rain stopped, and the trails began to dry slowly.

On Sunday the first racers started at 9 am in the morning and the last ones closed the starting list about 2 pm in the afternoon. The start was again in the Lipno bikepark and again the uphill ride to the first stage was quite tough to the top of the Luč peak. The fifth stage, the first on Sunday, led from Luč hill down and was one of the best of the weekend. After all, the whole day was an enduro advertisement. Beautiful natural fresh stages, relaxed atmosphere, lots of food at the feed zone and beer at the finish expo area.

"It was amazing again, I was not bored the whole weekend. It was not easy to control everything, but I think it all went good in the end. I had the chance to see a few stages during the weekend, which was great. Experiences of racers during the race are awesome", added Prokop.

The event was attended more over 500 racers from the Czech Republic and abroad, which is a record number for mtb enduro events in the Czech Republic. Reminding that it was "blind race", so without previous training! It was great, no big injuries, just a few smaller ones ", added Prokop after the race and he is already planning the Hardcore Blinduro edition at the end of summer.

Overall winners
1. Jakub Riha, CZE N1 Team
2. David Cunek, CZE Bike Pro Racing
3. Maxim Adami, CZE Norco Bicycles CZ


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 This report is a bit shortsighted.
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flag generationfourth (Jun 1, 2019 at 9:26) (Below Threshold)
 It's a press release...
  • + 1
 @generationfourth: Got to keep the puns flowing.
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 @nrpuk: ahhhh ohhhhhh I get it
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 @nrpuk: quality response.
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 This is an awesome concept, especially for those weekend warriors amongst us. I'm playing with the thought of subscribing for my first enduro race, and this would lower the bar for me to do it. Also, the video looks like it was just plain fun. Good stuff.
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 I thought it was blind people riding Enduro for a minute
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 Kudos on building brand-new trails just for this race!

*In a true 'blind' race, the racers wouldn't see the trails until they did their race run.
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 It's exactly like this. No one knows where the route goes.
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 Ohhhhhhh, not vision impared enduro!
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 How I feel trying to keep up with mates on their local trails ????, at least I have a tyre to follow. Love this idea tho.
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 There's a man in my town who is legitimately blind and rides mountain bikes. Apparently he follows someone with a bell.
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 Oh great where am i?

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