Video: Brandon Semenuk & His DH Bike in 'Act.I'

Sep 25, 2019
by Brian Park  

Those turn ups are so damn clean.


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 He's really improving. If he keeps this up he could be a big name someday. Keep it up Bryan Samenuk
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 You Sir made me chortle, have an up arrow Big Grin
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 Redbull should give him a wildcard spot in Rampage. This kid sends it.
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 Maybe he'll even qualify for RedBull Rampage one day.
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 Bryan is definitely getting better. I can see him competing in Crankwertz one day.
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 After the sound from the hub on the first video and the same in this video I would have assumed the music in this one would have been "Wu Tang Killer Bees We're on a Swarm!" Maybe that's planned for the next video.
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 We should start a GoFundMe to get him a slope bike - imagine what he might do with that!
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 Just one World Cup , just one race!! Silence us
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 was thinking the same thing.
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 he used to race and be pretty good, no ? (no WC though)
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 More dark woods BC footage DH please.
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 +++ props.
I would expect him to win Expert (unless Scotty Mears is there of course).
Super stylish rider, but he could have shredded those lines on his little bike with no issue at all.
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 Imagine if he was at fort bill WC, being the dickhead shouting "send it " at him, I reckon you'd get battered Smile Smile Smile
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 @optimumnotmaximum: I think it XC racing as a kid last I ever heard. And then he got into dirt jumps during that
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 @betsie: yeah he could, off course, but he never heard of down country and that 160 bikes descend like DH bikes so he is morbidly overbiked! Poor soul. Trek possibly forced him to use the Session
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 @WAKIdesigns: or maybe he is getting ready for Rampage. Little clips of Dh bikes being rode on smooth jump lines to give subliminal messages to the judges....

Remember that Sam Hill segment from Follow Me. Over the rocks in the wet. Legendary.
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 @jorgeposada: I wish he would ride the dark woods in all black with corpse paint.
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 @endlessblockades: Yes, Halloween edit coming!
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 @jorgeposada: ...yes, with an ice-cold, primitive black metal soundtrack and all the empathy of an obsidian coffin.
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 @endlessblockades: You think he f*cks w the most forlorn frostbitten inverted kvlt godless warmetal? Would love to see an edit to something off the first Marduk joint.
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 Senenuk edits are like gourmet restaurant foods: small portions of the best flavour around
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 And no matter how delicious it was it never quite feels like enough. Always making you want more.
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 Dude fucks
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 fhdsajfoiewntoieanfoiewanoiewahuoewf. sorry, i just had to clean the coffee I shot out of my nose onto my keyboard.
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 @Mattysville: you made me f.... laugh hysterically! Smile
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 Remember that time I voted for someone else as most stylish mountain biker ever? I just feel like a fool.
Most of his edits are so wild & unique that it's hard to compare his "style" to anyone because no one else does that stuff. Canyon Gap = Cool
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 Did you vote for Vanderham tho? Because, mmmmaaaayyyyybbbbbbeeeeee that's correct.
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 @BrambleLee: extremely fluid and smooth in a way that creates speed, yes, but as stylish as
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 That scrub tho....I'm good at scrubbing..dishes mainly.
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 And my kids keep telling me Fabio Wiebmer is the greatest bikerider on earth -kids these days.
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 I agree, but it's hard to beat Fabio and Danny for entertaining the kids.
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 Two different styles, really: Fabio is more flashy and wild, while Brandon looks more calculated and controlled. Still the best overall bike handler in the world, in my book.
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 @blizzardmk: true my kids keep singing :alriiiight (from wee day out)
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 When mine say the same I know is time for them to watch sean burns’s anthem 2 again to reset their minds
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 Why does he always insist on putting UK after his name. He’s from Canada
  • 11 1 I think he could easily sell his with skills like this.
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 I love that still of the straight trail in the green forest
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 pure beauty. that damp PNW loam + moss + old growth cedars = MTB mecca
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 After 1.45 min you're like "I'm gonna hit that replay button right now!"
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In case you were wondering how to clean your turnups
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 Why is it just sooo short! :'(
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 It’s like an espresso.. intense and short.
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 I guess two many blurred shots they couldn't use for the edit
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flag gooseliverpate (Sep 26, 2019 at 13:09) (Below Threshold)
 @tobiusmaximum: •expresso
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 @gooseliverpate: you're kidding me right?
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 So.... Act 2?
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 Unreal as always. That being said Brandon & Rupert, can we please have a Dh bike Raw 100? Pretty please?
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 Disclaimer: Hot take below.

Why is it that everybody rags on Gwin for being "Mr. Serious", yet bows down to all thing Semenuk when I think I've seen him smile even fewer times then Gwin (in fact, has he ever smiled?) Same goes for the likes of Sam Hill and to a lesser extent Danny Hart. Those guys are on the serious side of the spectrum, and yet we gush over their performances while being quick to bash Gwin for "lacking personality" and "not having any fun". I am also guilty of this; just interesting how we like to pick and choose while being overly critical of these professional athletes.

But yes, this edit is sick and way too short. I want more Semenuk ripping rowdy PNW singletrack.
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 you forgot Gee!
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flag Brahma (Sep 26, 2019 at 8:48) (Below Threshold)
 Never heard anyone say that about Gwin. He is always smiling. Super cool guy, chatted it up with us when we were taking a break while racing in Fontana, all smiles and kind words.

Semanuk on the other hand seems to be seriously lacking in personality. I followed him for a while on IG, and it was completely disinteresting. That, and his propensity for blowing off runs if he doesn't get it perfect, and the shitty music in his videos, it's pretty hard to like the guy. Amazing rider, but could use some "public relations" coaching.
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 Man, all you guys harsh on Semenuk are reading him wrong. He's just an introvert, not a jerk. It's easy to interpret it as aloofness -- especially since he has skills that only .02 percent of the population has -- but I don't think that's what he's about. As for Gwin and other racers -- to get that good, you have to have a little bit of a killer competitive attitude. Most people don't understand where that comes from, either. Out of competitive situations, they're probably a little more chill.
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 Bro all these guys you mentioned are just different personalities, they let there results do the talking. They don’t need to make a fool of themselves to entertain us like Wyn Masters or something, they do that with there riding and results. And mate I don’t even know how you can come to this assumption when you don’t even know them.
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 @TheR: Why do you think his an introvert he has 3 seasons of a TV series follow him
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 @deco1: I think Semenuk definitely lets his riding do the talking. Not in the sense of "I'll show you how good I am," but more like riding for him is truly a means of expression. He expresses himself through the art of riding.

Dudes talk about this all the time, and I don't relate to it personally. To me, it seems kinda cheesy. Riding for me is not about expression, but more the personal challenge. But I think for a guys like Semenuk, it makes sense.
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 @deco1: I don't know -- you just have to watch him. A lot of the same characteristics and mannerisms of other introverts I know. The TV series doesn't follow him for his outgoing personality. It follows him because like only three other people on earth come close to riding like him. And he probably doesn't do the series because he wants the spotlight, but it does earn him a living.
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flag deco1 (Sep 26, 2019 at 9:31) (Below Threshold)
 @TheR: Your a seriously messed up dude, judging people like that who you don’t know at all. I reckon your a Narcissist.
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 Since when is riding a bike about a person's personality?

Just watch these folks ride and just enjoy it.
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 @deco1: ????????
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Since when does having a TV series mean that someone must be a extrovert? Not every introverted person is the stereotypical shy and social anxiety type.
Whether or not someone is extroverted or introverted is in where an individual gains their emotion energy from. Extroverts get it from social interaction and external stimulation; introverts prefer to be alone with their own thoughts (internal stimulation) and self-reflection.
Someone who’s naturally introverted can still be charismatic and the life of the party from time to time (or want a tv series), they’ll just need to recharge doing something on their own later.
I don’t know Brandon personally, but taking a little insight into how he carries himself and expresses himself thru his riding, photography, and producing Revelco. I would go out on a limb and say that he had very limited creative input into the life behind bars series and it was more of a marketing move by Freeride Entertainment for Rad Company.

That being said regardless of whether it’s Semenuk, Gwin people should stop ragging on people simply because they handle a situation like winning a huge event or contest differently than how you would if it were you.
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 Josh bryceland is my personal favorite MTB personality and rider. Dude gets it
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 @nurseben: Exactly right!! Too much keyboard bashing and not enough time outside in the real world it seems!! Watch the video and go ride...job done!
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flag deco1 (Sep 26, 2019 at 16:12) (Below Threshold)
 @brycepiwek: Can someone please give me an example of how is an introvert and not just typing “because of things I’ve noticed”
IMO your not an introvert just because you don’t want to talk to some 40 year old BMX creep in the bike park lift line. Just appreciate the best bike rider in the world for f*ck sake.
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 @deco1: Ok man, What’s your deal?

First, Observed behavior — “or things I’ve noticed” — is a perfectly legitimate way to come to a conclusion about this type of thing. Watch his body language in interviews. He doesn’t seem entirely comfortable in the limelight. He’s perfectly gracious, but it doesn’t seem to be his thing.

Second, why are you taking it as an attack on the guy to say he’s an introvert? It’s not good or bad. It just is. Nothing wrong with it at all. So what is your problem with all this?
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 Im sure there are plenty of people here who have actually met semenuk. Met him at whistler and coast gravity park, the kid is nice as hell and is plenty chatty, smiles and laughs all the same. It is so tiring reading all these "Semenuk doesnt smile" posts. The dude doesn't even compete anymore and you people STILL say this shit.
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 You forgot gee (he maybe knows the lirics to uk’s national anthem)
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 @TheR: Really? You think 1.5MM people have his skills?
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 @PhattyMatt: Really? That’s what you got out of this? I used .02 percent as hyperbole to indicate a minuscule number — I guess I should have said “riding” population. Does that work for you? A couple posts down, I said like 3 people, which is probably closer to the truth. Feel free to do the math on that and get back to me.
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 They should give this guy an entry to Rampage! I rekon he would do well there!
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 I don't think he's ready yet. Give it a few more years. Kid shows promise.
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 So a turn up is the thing at 50s?
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 Somebody answer this guy. I want to know also.
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 @RussellTinka: personally, i did not see any turn ups in this video.. some sick style, but no turn up per se... there was a video on PB recently (im struggle to recall which one) where *i think* Kade or someone else did the sickest turn up on a giant hip and it blew everyones mind.. really wish i could remember which video that was
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 @laxguy: Eddie Masters and Matt Walker at Snowshoe, and it was Martin Maes doing the turn up of the first hip
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 @trickland: thank you!! i knew it was really recent but had a bit of a mental block
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 Yeah really not sure what they're considering as a turn up in here... but hey its Semenuk so everyone will simply believe it.
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 @laxguy: Kade Edwards also did a pretty nasty turn up on the darkfest hip a few weeks back
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 @trickland: ahhh, you're right man, thanks!
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 Hardline 2020. do it!
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 Cork 7 the road gap.....
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also, the f*ck is a turn up?

do you mean his (not really but kind of close to something that is nearly, almost a) tabletop (s).
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 The correct term from BMX is "untable"
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 Watch some freestyle moto on natural terrain... you'll see a few. There are none in this edit that I can tell.
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 The only rider who's edits literally send chills down my spine. Nobody does biking like "The Don".
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 a mile of style, thats what I think of when I watch his edits. that was one bad ass scrub at the end!
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 Watching him take the style he rides his slope bike with to the DH bike is magical. Not many are at that level.
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 Do you even turnup bro?
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 You can almost hear the Tacoma tires spinning up the Brohm ridge FSR now....
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 We all must consider ourselves lucky to exist in the same time-space frame than this guy.
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 Semenuk, the Gee atherton of slopestyle.
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 I bet he'd do well on one of those "crankworx" competitions. Guess we'll just have to wait and see!
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 Dudes not even a mountain biker he’s a straight up contortionist I love it
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 No #downcountry tag for this one @mikelevy?
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 Did he use Casey Brown's bike for this one?
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 So fluid. Delicious.
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 Sickest style and always innovating.
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 A class act, that's for sure.
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 This is bananas...

Anybody knows the soundtrack by chance?
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 Shazam says: Post Cantata, Kas-Tro
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 The bravery was up there....
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 right where we need it... the control wasnt what I would like but....
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 I missed the turnips
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 Front wheel roost mid scrub, mad.
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 Am I supposed to be impressed......because I am!!
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 If this is Act 1, I hope there's many more Acts to follow...
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 Pump jumps on brohm ridge?!?!
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 This is nice and all but he's got nothing on rockyj ...
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 Never stop making videos Brandon.
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 Hot dang, he's harsh on those berms.
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 It's OK when you have your own private trails!
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 The Boss!
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 Smooth as butter Smile
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 He deserves to be in red bull rampage
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 hoooo what a bad asss
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 Semenuk wears mike levy pajamas
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 Old school video vibe, new school hub sound. Please fix.
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