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Video: Brandon Semenuk in 'Sever'

Jul 9, 2024
by Pinkbike Staff  

Join Brandon Semenuk and special guest, Ryan “R-Dog” Howard, for their latest creation, “SEVER.” It takes you deep into the redwoods, where traction was aplenty, and good times were ample.

Special thanks to the world-class build team, including Spencer Baldwin, Scotty Scamehorn, and Evan Young, and the outstanding production team, featuring Isaac Wallen, Nic Genovese, and Ian Collins.





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 I respect how Isaac Wallen made some even faster cuts, clearly to fuck with pb comment section.
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 Yeah, still very few opportunities to see a jump from launch to landing, with some landings missing altogether. I don't mind some funky angles and zooms as a supplement, but I'd still like to see a standard uninterrupted view from afar. That is part of what was so magical about the "One Shot" video.
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 Is this the first Semenuk video without at "MUST WATCH" headline?
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 I'd then argue that it was mislabeled. Smile
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 Came here to say the same thing!
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 Downside table at 1.20 and proceeding one foot table to tbog is an absolute masterclass
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 Pretty, pretty.... pretty good.
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 Everytime a SC edit comes out I'm inclined to spend days stumbling around the woods looking for the trail they built, this one is no different
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 The amount of effort put into that build might not have been fully rewarded... Kind of an abrupt ending for how sick those sculpts were.
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 Semenuk is such a freak on a bike. This style of video/riding is so much more relatable and fun to watch then all the crazy spinnies and flippies on ramps.
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 the foot grabbing the down tube is just another level
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 How does he make riding look SO DAMN FUN!!! No crazy tricks, just pure fun steezy shredding.
  • 10 1
 Adequate steeze (as the British might say)
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 Even in the deepest pool of talent mountain biking has ever seen, Semenuk still rises to the top. What a guy.
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 This is pure art.
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 It is always mind blowing to see these edits but that last stunt was freaking cool.
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 I almost stopped the video, but glad I stayed for that. Definitely not my kind of edit, but appreciate the work that went into it from the builders and riders to the camera and edit crew.
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 @rrolly: hard man to please
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 Wally!! Absolutely amazing! You dudes killed it on this project!
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 I misread the title and thought he'd got into cloud storage/networking....
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 Reminds me of this old Kranked segment for some reason: www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUeZMGrLAhY
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 Exactly. Mixed with that other segment where wade was ripping that ravine in ???
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 Okay I’ll watch but they better contort themselves and hang at weird angles off their bikes the whole time
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 Anyone else wanna see Semenuk racing dh worldcups?
I'm curious to now what he can do against the clock.
So fluid style with some serious speed!
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 Really pretty good
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 There are no redwoods in Washington, is this Bellingcruz?
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 Yep. Looks like SC to me.
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 That one B roll shot was Washington, but this is 100% Santa Cruz
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 Love the rawness (is that a word?) of it.
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 This and Brage dropping the same day, what a time to be alive
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 Video is sick but that top still is really something else..
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 Nice - riding I can relate to, no flippy spinny things
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 very nice
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 Can you edit again with more angles of the same feature please, I felt like 4 wasn’t enough
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 Hey I think I recognize that last creek drop! From NWD 7 or 8?
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 54-58 seconds. Best cut
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 De Dude Wit No DCrown.

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