Video: Breaking Down The DH World Champs Track At Val di Sole - Inside The Tape with Ben Cathro

Aug 29, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

The DH World Champs track at Val di Sole is no joke and Ben Cathro is back to dissect all the important line choices.

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 Cathro's content rarely disappoints! It's been getting so good that I excitedly click whenever I see his name
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 Just sat down to dinner and opened pinkbike hoping for more worlds coverage. Thank you
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 love these videos and like the format change, nice work! I realize that they are put together pretty quickly but having a map and highlighting the section thats being explained may help us understand the sections and course a little better. -also knowing the grade.
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 PLEASE can someone make a gif of Noah's turn in slo-mo! I don't have the technical knowhow
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 +1 but can the gif have him scudding across that lovely pillowy snow
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 quick suggestion for the ghost comparison: Add the start numbers to the displayed names. So those viewers not familiar with sponsors and jerseys can easily relate your comment to each rider.
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 Cathro's videos are so good! It's hard for me to see the lines he talks about. So I dig it when he slows it down and explains the line choices.
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 A reworking of "what's the story in Balamory" today, and a "babity boopy" reference yesterday. Yes Cathro!
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 Haven't been this excited for a race in a while, man this track looks unforgiving
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 Irish riders " Who's Henry Kerr ?"
See times " I known his Granny , makes a great cup of tea"
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 Loving the long videos and Ben's and his camera mans work.
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 Cathro's commentary is the best on pinkbike...I learn so much more from him than any other.
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 Breakfast here at 05.30, but otherwise the same!
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 Hm...missing the old Cathro Videos before Pinkbike
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 Does anyone have a link to a stream where I can watch the world champs from the UK please?
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 It's on the BBC. Redbull is Geo locked (unless you can find a way around it ;-)
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 @slimjimbikes: somehow the link works in Portugal as well
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 @slimjimbikes: nevermind. i had the vpn on when i opened it
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 @tremeer023: I wish BBC hadn't bothered and allowed us to continue as usual. iPlayer is crap and it's hard to see when/which channel it's on.
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 @gmt: red bull need the English only version. But it works. You don't need iPlayer etc
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 @gmt: yes, and without Rob W it just isn't the same (although not the worst commentator, but their source info was poor). I just wanted to watch it on my big screen TV instead of a tablet so made an exception as it's a one off race.
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 Cathro where's your $ hat?

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