Video: Breaking Down The Snowshoe World Cup DH Course with Ben Cathro - Inside The Tape

Sep 15, 2021
by Pinkbike Originals  

Big gaps, gnarly rock gardens and tons of line choice. Ben Cathro breaks down the wild Snowshoe World Cup DH track.

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 Are we going to talk about the sparks at 4:15??
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flag mammal (Sep 15, 2021 at 12:23) (Below Threshold)
 It's a neat thing... Next.
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 Wonder if Ben is keeping anything in his pocket for the race or if he's sold the bluff on the ghost cam. Good luck Ben!
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 He did say he caught up to someone in qualy, so he should at least have those X.XX seconds in his pocket, if conditions are similar.
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 If you want to sound like Ben with a cool Scottish accent instead of saying berm, start by saying bear, then mid word switch it to berm. Lol
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 And from his riding tutorials, if you want to say palms, say "PAAAAMS". The Mrs and I laughed unreasonably at that one. That accent is gold.
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 Ben is like the Bob Ross of downhill. All he needs is a solid perm. Can't wait to head that way friday morning for the second race. So sweet to see a WC DH track that you've actually ridden a lot.
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 Love the breakdown. Best of luck Ben!
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 Top to bottom analysis ! Awsmm stuff. Ben4prez..
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 Is that the chain ring hitting the rocks @ 4'15 ??
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 Likely either the chain or the pedal.
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 Pedal I think. The best example of this I've seen is in this video @1:35:
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 Another great video, but @bencathro please do not use minus (-) sign for the slower rider, makes it realy confusing because every sporting event in the world uses minus to indicate time gain not lost Wink
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 yes Ben
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 maybe Steady Eddies can sort your hair out eh Deano!
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 Love Cathro! The best coverage. I'm tired now.

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