Video: Brendan Fairclough Commits Crimes Against Downhill

Jun 23, 2021
by SCOTT Sports  

For years, Brendan Fairclough has been deceiving us.

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All New SCOTT Spark 900

All New SCOTT Spark 900 TUNED

Video Credits: Aspect Media
Photo Credits: Roo Fowler


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 Should have also charged him with carrying a consealed shock.
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  • 92 9
 *concealed you illiterate idiot @bigtim.
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 @bigtim: bit harsh
  • 18 2
 Shut up fool.
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 @bigtim: I see what you did there!!!
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 At first I thought this was a new bike advert, then a pedal advert, then Brendog the youtuber goofing around, then shoes, then a bike. By the end I knew it was an advert for the UK justice system.
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 Massively underrated comment Smile
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 disadvert? lol
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 I can't wait for the upcoming release of Scott's new Gavel Bike.
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 I can't help it.... wanna buy one now! Damn you brendon!
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 @SCOTT-Sports: Oh Scott.
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flag SevenW (Jun 23, 2021 at 7:48) (Below Threshold)
 @SCOTT-Sports: really? a typo comment...
  • 7 2
 @SCOTT-Sports: drops the mike, walks away.
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 Brendon didn’t get robbed.
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 @austinshepherd: took the bait, thank you and high five!
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 Great Scott (sports)!!
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 @nicktapias: I see what you did there Smile
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 @SevenW: whoosh…!
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 Like porn with too much plot...
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 Nice wig, your Honour
  • 16 1
 Brendog on an XC bike.... With...clipless pedals....
*Proceeds to faint miserably on my work laptop with Pinkbike still open*
  • 7 0
 At least it was not a gravel Wink
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 All of this to sell a bike?
No need. If it's in stock, people will buy it.
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 Modern XC bikes are now just as good as previous aggressive trail bikes. The level of advancement in tech and geometry is rapidly evolving and my wallet just can't keep up hahaha The Scott Spark is the sexiest MTB XC bike ever in my opinion and I'm curious if they will incorporate the internal shock into their Genius and Ransom models in the future.
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 They'll have him riding an ebike next....... oh wait.
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 Thought the same. Apparently XC is a bigger crime than YT click baity stuff and ebikes
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 If he can survive on 120mm of travel, I'm sure the rest of PB can too.
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 @Ebotshon I think it's if the bike can survive Brendog....

Certainly shows it's capable, but is it durable with prolonged aggressive trail abuse...
...esp' in the hands of us (much) less skilled - that case every jump and smash into every rock & root *LOL*
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 Yeah, he lives in Surrey.
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 Would have made it better being 'crimes against xc' and Brendog ragging the bike down DH trails and using it not for xc stuff. Scott want people to see it as more than an xc bike. Its a subtle change but would change focus a bit
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 Watching someone ride XC trails isnt very exciting if it isnt racing.
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 I can't wait to see normal riders attempting to hoon and flog their 130mm XC bikes down normal trails
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 I think you just described 87% of mountain biking
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 please let him build cross country trails ! This will open the eyes of many people to cross over to the fun-focused side of mountain biking :-)
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 well done, enjoyed that one
  • 3 0
 I wanted one before. Now I really want one! That looks like so much fun.
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 He should have been charged for taking bits of wood though customs hidden in this hand!
  • 3 2
 what happens on a long and rough descend with a tiny air shock concealed inside the frame with no cooling? probably the oil inside will boil and the seals will melt.
  • 2 2
 it will drool like a baby screaming for his mothers tit
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 @LuccsPB: haha seriously, some brands spends a lot of R&D time and money to make big ass shocks with piggybacks, lots of oil inside and even fins to cool them down faster, than someone has a brilliant idea to put it inside a frame tube of a trail bike.
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flag mariomtblt (Jun 23, 2021 at 13:56) (Below Threshold)
 oh yeah guys totally... how many Brazilian or Argentinian MTB companies are out there again? hmmm you fellas are clearly the experts here
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 @mariomtblt: completely irrelevant if theres bike company here or not, bad ideas can come from anywhere, even from the "top guys". if you rode once on a proper trail with an air shock you should know that it gets really hot and can get inconsistent. If you use a short travel bike with small shock on rough trails this problem is aggravated and can cause malfunction on a brief usage time. On this bike you have an extra factor that is no air flow to the shock supposedly. Im just bringing the subject since I read a lot of maintenance complaints about an enclosed shock, but didnt read anywhere someone bring the shock overheating issues. Remember that marketing can show anything, even guys "ripping" trails on gravel bikes. But sometimes in real world usage this beautiful things showed on cool videos could turn on a maintenance nightmare.
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 im very skeptical on this "new tecnology" until it proves reliable on real world usage for an average user. Even if top riders are using it on UCI events doesnt prove much, since they are on another physical an technical level and they have unlimited parts and tech support at their disposal.
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 @thelittle: Yeah, it was a Bold move
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 Damnit I want one now.
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 So fresh & So clean,
A lean mean machine.
Hopefully not a nightmare to service the shock.
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 Great Scott
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 Rampage on 130mm travel..............
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 Can we have the video with John cleese or John Bearclaw as a judge instead please?
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 rampage next year will be fun
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 Think Brendan did more pedalling in this advert than he's done in his entire downhill racing career lol
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 If I ride one like Brendog does that void my warranty?
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 Everything is proprietary. *cries in syncros
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 A bit cringe
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 Well done Brendan and Scott, thoroughly enjoyable!
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 hmm... Bike looks like it has to be filtered..
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 Bold move, Brendog
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