Video: Brendan Fairclough is Joined by Sam Pilgrim as They Try to Ride Over his House

Mar 1, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWe thought it was well overdue to get Sam Pilgrim​ down for a home rampage episode and it didn't disappoint. After our tragic attempt at jumping the house a few weeks ago, we decided to try again with a slightly different approach, more of a trials/slopestyle idea. Instead of using the motocross bike we decided to pedal in and use an MTB Hopper up onto Sam's van and across.

Sam headed down in his converted sprinter van. As he rolled into the drive our heads started thinking. Of course, we're jumping on to his van as a starting point but then that left us with a huge canyon to get across. So in true Danny Mac style we erected the worlds sketchiest skinny. And believe me this skinny was horrific to walk across let alone cycle across at high speed.

I was really not happy about this one. Jumping on to the van I had no issue with but hitting the skinny straight after was so scary. Zero room for error and no change to practice it sucked. Luckily Sam opted to go first on this.
Brendan Fairclough


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 I thought it was enough now? Smile
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 MTBER: race into a jump over logs, into another jump that sends them on top of a van, rides a 30cm wide skinny, up and over the roof of a house and drops down on the other side.
Commenter on the internet: "They should not be doing that, it's against covid rules. Take this post down!"

Well knock me down me down with a feather, but some people deserve to be locked inside their houses.
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 These lockdowns have made a lot of people go kinda crazy. Most I know still get out to exercise and stay sane and they've been fine. But I know a few people who literally refuse to ever leave their houses, and they're turning into basket cases. After all this is over, sure seems like there's going to be a ton more mental illness going on with people. Like stay safe, wear a mask and avoid groups but mental well-being is a gigantic component of your overall health and exercise is needed by everyone along with some socializing.
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 @DylanH93: totally agree mate, well said!
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 Can't wait to see the upcoming OnlyFans accounts... Fuck sake what a world we live in.
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 I did not expect to see another vid of Brendan's bikepark house after wifey pulled the plug last time
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 Bren dogs bike control is super impressive in all of his riding!... not just a DH rider
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 Watch Sam's video as well, slightly different perspective.
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flag pyromaniac (Mar 1, 2021 at 4:08) (Below Threshold)
 I don't really see the point in covering the same stuff twice. Is this a trend now or already commonplace in youtubeland
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 @pyromaniac: Well... it's only a segment in Sam's video. Plus, Sam is rad and should get the follows and likes to keep him producing awesome content.
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 @pyromaniac: Chill
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 @BikesBoatsNJeeps: Sam's videos are the best. Always gets me stoked to go ride.
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 @pyromaniac: These guys make income from Youtube views, so, the more the merrier. Content bro. Can we go racing now?
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 Strange when you go to the Youtube link and look at the comments, I do not think there is one complaint on there for some reason...
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 Covid police working hard today... That looked terrifying and Brendan was so so close to not making it!
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 Well, It's a moot point but I'd have hated to go second!
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 Does his lass know he's on House Jump 2.0 !?
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 Some people are just wired differently
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 We need more Pilgrim! Great vid
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 I get that they need content, but you can skip to 9:06 if you want to see them actually ride.

That skinny looked super sketch.
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 Haha! Pilgrim is a proper mad man.

Did I hear the house will be torn down..? Then I at least understand why Brendan is f***in’ up his whole roof with this stuff.....
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 I wanted to like the video more than I did
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 I'm tell'n your Parents!!!
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 Good to see big mtb influencers following the covid rules. Inspirational
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flag conoat (Mar 1, 2021 at 4:05) (Below Threshold)
 sod off
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 hey they elbowed and stayed away from each other and they are tough AF
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 You should look up the data on outdoors COVID transmission. It's a respiratory virus that requires sufficient inoculum to generate an infection, which is much more likely in an indoor setting. There is more dispersion outdoors which is reflected in transmission data.
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flag mtb-scotland (Mar 1, 2021 at 9:25) (Below Threshold)
 @babathehutt: Not relevant. They are breaking the law which is pissing people off.
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 Sick video! And to the social distancing police (I work in an ER), it's not like they're at a large's a couple dudes hanging out, outside. Glad they are staying sane and having fun!
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 I manage a number of properties and we have had production companies filming for the BBC, ITV and Netflix on site. All have had upwards of 30 - 40 people. Risk assessment says they will do this and that to avoid transmitting covid but they don't do it. I'm not condoning any of it but you can't say that the big corporations can keep making stuff and then not let the little guys carry on as well.
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 @conoat: highlander is so historically incorrect you will get lynched in Scotland if you mention it.
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 @fatduke: doubtful, if the average ninny on this site is an indication of the voracity of your average scotsman in 2021. I would wager you are more apt to get a pedicure and invited to a musical.
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 @cooke88: kinda ridiculous how giant corporations like Amazon and Walmart not only continue to make a killing but are soaking up massive amounts of the market and small "non essential" businesses are basically told to f*ck off. No easy answer here. Least in my area, many businesses basically locked their doors and looked shut down but you'd knock and they'd let you come in, with a mask to try and be safe. Eventually our counties sheriff and administrators basically said they refused to prosecute small businesses as it wasn't fair. Sure hope things can get back to normal before much more damage is caused.
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 In this scenario, or any other you see on a screen, these guys are COWORKERS, not buddies hanging around, so 100% right.
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 @conoat: 1 Scotsman says a shit remark and all of a sudden we are all twats??? You are the perfect example of what a knob sounds like mate!
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 @mtb-scotland: it is actually relevant because overly restrictive rules just drive the socialization underground into maskless parties and get togethers like they did here in California. I'm comfortable following rules if they make sense from a scientific point of view. If they were eating in a restaurant or riding in the car without masks that's a different thing all together.
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 @babathehutt: not really the point. Its the fact that Pilgrim drove almost 100 miles to film a youtube video when it is being said to stay in your own region. Yes he is a massive youtuber who makes children friendly videos, but for a lot of people throughout the UK, especially here in Scotland, no one has left their local region to ride bikes and are being forced to ride locally. For myself it is ok as I have enough on offer to ride, but for people in built up cities and very rural countryside areas they have no where to go or ride because they have no facilities for them. I don't think Pilgrim really needs to drive for about 2 hours just to ride on a roof? He seemed to be able to make crazy videos from his own home before Covid, so why doesn't he do that? Surely a massive influencer like him should be setting a proud example to the millions of younger kids that watch his videos everyday and look up to him?
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 @mtb-scotland: It’s not pissing me off. But in all seriousness, what specific rules are they breaking? The UK generally seems more like California, Hawaii, or NY in terms of strict government lockdowns but I’m not familiar with the latest “rules”.
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 @gnarlysipes: basically, pilgrim has driven 100 miles to ride over a roof when your only supposed to be staying in your local region/council area. The rules are that you shouldn’t be travelling that far or leaving your area for recreation.
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 @archiesgm: Wow. That’s pretty strict. It’s not exactly fair when movie/TV producers are allowed to go wherever but the commoners are held accountable to the rules.
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 @gnarlysipes: Quite a lot of productions have shut down or slowed. They also live in specific bubbles, stay apart when not filming and get tested regularly. Pilgram is travelling when he doesn't have to and that is breaking rule no1 but as you can see there are a lot of people in this community that think it is ok to break the rules or don't actually understand the rules.
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 @Meganstuart1: naw mate, you now make 2...
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 @mtb-scotland: THERE HE IS!!!

ever thought that a fair bit of us think the rules are complete shite? they have been proven ineffective and the willful flouting of the "rules"(whatever that f*cking word means here. there isnt any law, so...) is simply civil disobedience. It is your duty to disobeye any unjust law.
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 @conoat: i have to agree
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 The lockdown isn’t unjust. Just because you don’t understand the reasons behind it doesn’t mean everyone else thinks the same. This is what happens when you don’t pay attention in school. Out of interest do you say “do you want to go large” quite a lot? @conoat:
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 I think there's a few who don't quite get the definition of "professional"

Yes you can film some bike stuff and bang it on YouTube, does it make you a pro I highly doubt it as I could call myself a pro DH rider for going down Fort William track twice if that were the case.

I think a lot of this is down to jealousy.
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 @fatduke: I mean quite frankly I couldn't care less if their pro or not. Personally I can't stand Pilgrim. I just find it very annoying that he travels that far to ride on a roof whilst I'm stuck in my own local region, and have been for the past 3 and a half months, riding the same trails over and over again.
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 @archiesgm: I understand the sentiment, but there's an argument to be made in favor of Pilgrim's travels to Brendog's house. As I understand it, if a person cannot reasonably work from home, they may travel for work. These pro mountain bikers have specific social media commitments to their sponsors and have to produce content. They may or may not take a salary from their sponsors. Therefore they have to continue to make content, and if they want people to watch, it has to be fresh. Could he have found an alternative to going to Brendog's house? Maybe. But wherever he goes it amounts to the same thing. If the government wanted a true lockdown, they would have provided incomer and essential goods for the citizens. If your primary income was traveling around and riding your bike on video, would you have stopped?
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 @archiesgm: yeah well you're in the same club as the majority of the UK suck it up enjoy the fact you have trails to ride and be thankful you've not had to resort to zwift to get some form of pedalling in.
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 @mtb-scotland: no f*cking clue what you're on about. I understand the reasons put forth by governments, I simply disagree with them. so does empirical evidence. But hey, don't let facts get in your way! I have not one but 2 engineering bachelors degrees as well. but you keep trying to make some idiotic fast food joke that is almost as tired as your autistic skreetching about all the covid "rules" you want to force others to follow. f*cking absolute muppet you are mate.
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 @archiesgm: don't let jealousy eat you alive. just fix your own situation. I would recommend starting with some critical thinking courses, then progressing to being your own human.
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 @conoat: you don't have a clue full stop TBH.

well done on having a bachelor degree that is about as pertinent as me saying I have a BSc (hons), MSc and a PhD plus a PGDE. Means nothing dude.
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 @conoat: it’s good to see you can count mate, in the end of the day mate i agree with what your saying and I don’t think they are doing f*ck all wrong because we all have to get on with life and enjoy it and not look at the same 4 walls for much longer, I just didn’t agree with you slacking us Scots off!
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 @Meganstuart1: i see butthurt is as common as unintellegible accents that far north!
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 @Meganstuart1: then don't be a right c*nt, stand up for what you believe in, and quit being told what to do by the fookin people you pay! put another way, SACK UP!

TLDR: stop whining I am slagging you off, and prove me f*ckin wrong boy-o!
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 @conoat: OK you American c**t weasel how about you just F*ck off back to Cali where you can behave like the feckless sh*tbag you seem to be.
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 @conoat: who is telling me what to do mate, I’m out And enjoying my riding With my mates so not sure what your on about mate?? 2 much hate in this place man I thought we were all mtb!
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 @fatduke: it's more fun to anger you cockwobbles! also, I am here to take yer jobs and cause massive inflation before running back to better places with my pile of money! in the interim, I will disobey all your riduculous rules and nanny state procliamations. good day sir!
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 @conoat: Cockwobble is something you may get when face to face confrontation is unavoidable you cock womble.
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 @fatduke: don't humour concoat. He's got no life evidently. I agree with what he says but wow, he's a jerk.
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 Why this shit hère ?
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