Video: Brendan Fairclough Shares his Tips for Improving Basic Jump Technique

Nov 28, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesThis week we decided to teach my filmer Beney the fundamentals of MTB. For me the most important and fun part of riding a bike is dirt jumping skills. We got straight to it and set Beney up with all the gear he could possibly desire. A Scott Eride Ransom, Fiveten shoes and even a GoPro. He was set!!

Learning to attempt your first Mountain bike jumps can be intimidating but after mastering a few basics at the local jumps you can build some skills that can be applied to all the trails you ride. Managing transitions, pumping and learning to pop are techniques that need to be practiced on an ongoing basis and there is always room to improve for riders of all experience and skill level. Whether you want to bomb a downhill track, Shed the bike park, post a fast time at the enduro race or even improve your XC skill set learning to "get air " will have you flying in no time. If I didn't go down to the local dirt jumps to learn the basics I wouldn't be the rider I am today. Before you know it you will be hitting jumps like Sam Pilgrim and Fabio Wibmer.

Thanks for watching our jumping masterclass, hope you enjoyed it and most importantly learnt something. Let us know what you want to see in the future.
Brendan Fairclough


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 Second best part of this video was chucking the Yeezy's into the bush. hahaha - Brendan's a champ.
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 Jesus so that’s what Yeezys are? Those ugly ass shoes?

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 @nvranka: well said hahaha.
Utter crap waste of cash those horrible things are. Save that cash and splash it on some nice five tens!!
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 I hope this kid realizes just how LUCKY he is to have Brendog as his coach!
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 omg brendan is so nice and really on point about posture and how the body should stay pre jump ! it opened my head quite a bit also Big Grin
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 Great vid for learning!
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 Pro-session Wink
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 What is this strong foot forward business? I ride boards regular foot stance and a jump bikes the same way.
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 What ever foot you usually have in the front when descending.
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 @Allen82: your chocolate foot as hans no way rey would say
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 @therevfryslim: Come again?
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 I actually manual better goofy footed. Decades of bad habits to blame I suppose.
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 @Allen82: there was a trials video in the early 000's with the martyns and hans rey (cunning tricks and dirty stunts I believe it was called) where hans refers to his forward foot as his chocolate foot.
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 whereabouts in Swindon is this?
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 Just behind the Nationwide?
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 I reckon that Benny's a hustler. Why aren't I that good already? Great work.
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 There is minimum skill shown here, just a lack of fear. Flip that survival switch off in your brain and just send it!... easier said than done though.
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 Looks like Brendog is trying to produce some content for friday fails ! Just kidding, that was cool to watch. Good job.
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 why do Brits call the ground the floor? what do they call the floor inside of a house or building i wonder....
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 We call it... floor.
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 @CaptainJulian: I'm floored by this news.
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 Lol tomatoe tomato
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 That's the English language for you.

I can drive less than hour from my house and can't understand what people are saying/talking about
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 Iv always wondered why Americans call the ground floor the 1st floor. It's not.
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 Not sure about Canada, but I've always wondered why Americans can pronounce champagne, but not chassis.
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 @mcozzy: that explains why I nearly got shot when the hooker told me she was on the 1st floor !
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 @commental: Foyer is another.
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 Brendog's good, but he doesn't set the rules for all of us, I'm sure a high percentage of us call the ground - 'the ground'.
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 @mcozzy: zero index flooring ftw.
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 I'd be stoked if I had the half the skills of FairClough!
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