Video: Brendan Fairclough Teases Deathgrip 2

Aug 18, 2023
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesDEATHGRIP 2 a new mountain bike film coming soon! Brendan Fairclough

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 An hour of death grip just might make up for this years World Cup broadcast atrocities.
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 I love that there are still proper bike *movies* being produced, hyped and anticipated... Shredit's are good, but a proper bike film to have a beer whilst watching with mates is something special.
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 Ya, if anything it seems like things are coming around after the oversaturation of quick hits. Or at least I hope so!!!
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 Well yeah, but it is good to realize that most "proper" bike movies are still collections of clips too. Just that the main film crew gives it some consistency which helps keep you in a the mood for longer and there order of the clips makes sense. But other than that, in a way a "proper" movie to the single clips is what a full music album is to individual singles.

And yes, I'm buying music albums and I love "proper" bike movies too Smile .
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 I miss the Crusty Demons of Dirt days
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 @vinay: thats like saying a hollywood movie is just a collection of nicely filmed skits put together with some elaborate special effects, composed music and 8 figure budget.
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 I have a feeling fpv drone shots are gonna get annoying in this
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 I disagree - looks sick to me.
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 Brendon knows what he's doing. It's gonna be awesome. I hope he gets that Netflix money.
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 @njparider: I streamed the hell out of the first one when it was on Netflix
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 Nahh fam, the dawg never disappoints
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 For a second there I thought some new grips were coming out.
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 Totally! About to buy a new set of deathgrips and thought “better wait and see if the new ones are even better…”
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 The Clay Porter flashy editing doesn't work for me, but I'd love another Deathgrip book by @MisspentSummers!
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 Thank you!
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 Oh my god yes!! Hope the soundtrack will be as bangin as the first one too!
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 If that doesn’t kick the old post concussion syndrome off I don’t know what will ‍
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 For all you excited, I can confirm you have no idea what’s coming
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 I need more bike movies in my life and Deathgrip was freakin' awesome!
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 This and a few cans will make any dull evening into something wonderful.
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 Dumb Genius 2! Cannot wait for this!!
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 What a life these bastardsssssss Smile
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 I would pay to see it in the cinema, oh yeah
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 Shut up and tale my money
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 Jackson lost his chapstick!
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 saw that as well ha. thought he ran over garbage but it actually was his chapstick and he found the lid that popped off.
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 Any word on a date for this yet?!?!? Stoked
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 I friggen love slowmo
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 Brendan’s and Brandon’s just being big teases…
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 Let’s go
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 Yes please
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 Co directed by Robert Rodriquez and Quentin Tarantino.
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 We on
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