Video: Brendan Fairclough Tells the Story of How Pump Tracks Change Lives

Jul 26, 2018
by Velosolutions Global  
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The Wishaw Community Pump Track - Changing Lives

From wasteland to a world-class pump track facility... This is the story of the Wishaw community project in Glasgow and how riding bikes is helping to change lives.

Professional Mountain Bike Rider and Velosolutions athlete, Brendan Fairclough stopped in at the new Velosolutions Pump Track in Wishaw on the outskirts of Glasgow to see how the Socialtracks community project had impacted the community and give the local kids a coaching session.

“What an incredible facility, we were in Wishaw on a Tuesday night and it was absolutely packed. The team at Socialtracks were on hand to provide bikes to kids so that they can ride and the atmosphere was incredible. Who knows what they might have been up to but instead they were riding a world class facility in the middle of their community. If only everyone had this on their door step, the social impact is just huge” - Brendan Fairclough

The pump track is now 7 months old and whilst it is attracting an international crowd of riders it is being used every day by the locals, from 5 year olds up to the adults, they have all embraced the track. Through the Socialtracks bike scheme, the kids are learning to share amongst themselves and having got the chance to ride with an international pros like Brendan they have been inspired even further by the sport.

For more information on Velosolutions and the impact pump tracks are having around the world visit:


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 "Hopefully it will stop kids playing football...and get them on bikes!"

I FULLY SUPPORT THIS MESSAGE. Somebody get me the t-shirt!!!!
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 There’s nothing wrong with kids playing football, everything’s wrong with daddies watching it religiously and not kicking ball since they were kids. Playing Football keeps you in great shape, improves motoric and cooperative skills, football spectatorship turns you into a hateful piss drinking walrus.

Pumptracks rock. Absolutely rock. The first time you can make a lap, the first time you manual a double, the first time you jump a double, the first time you manual any double of choice, jump any double, manual a tripple... you grow and those skills translate directly to the trail.
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flag YoungPineapple (Jul 26, 2018 at 23:46) (Below Threshold)
 @WAKIdesigns: And posting on PB obviously makes you a generalizing [insert_drink and verb] tard.
Dont you have a forest fire to spectate?
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 @WAKIdesigns: Mainstream sports = opiate of the asses
Supercross is the only real sport i follow, but i actually ride too...
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 Switch "football" with "Fortnite" and I'll wear the shirt with pride!!!!
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 @YoungPineapple: his nose is up the ass of everything. He can't not post something no matter what.

He's that guy in a conversation who finds a way to relate a story to his views regardless.

I want a t-shirt, not a thread arc.
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 Should be noted that Neil and colleague? were likely a BIG part of making this successful by fundraising, lending bikes to kids that led them to want to buy/use one of their own, and bringing in the rydas to show 'em how it's done...props!!!
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 Dan and Neil are genuine super stars in the local community and are doing incredible work with Socialtrack.
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 Second that. Their commitment to the project even now its open is absolutely incredible.
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 @velosolutionsglobal: shucks you're making blush!
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 This is great, and the video does an awesome job of putting the Socialtrack guys at the front and centre - where they should be with their work and continued involvement with the project. Props to Brendan and Claudio for giving this project the spotlight, but even more respect for Neil and Co for what they are doing in the community.
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 How do you turn the subtitles on?
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 Good one Rolleyes
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I know man trying tae understaun yin sasanach is f*kin murder, ken?
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 Oh yeah, Glaswegians are so difficult to understand compared to Canadians. Eh.
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 @AlexSplode: no doubt. eh
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 So cool. Being the people, and leaders we all wish to be. Reminds me of the books the local hockey teams used to have for children. I really wish I could be that guy, instead of the guy everyone hates including myself, "look at these children, they have no future"; I literally grew up to be THAT guy. And man I hated him with all my passion. Never say never.
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 Those tiny shredders are very lucky! Smile
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 Brendan Fairclough is now fully gentlemen!
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 I sent a idea of builing a velosolutions pumptrack in my city. Our city officials in Graz were not understanding anything although I included videos from these good mood all have fun on one track videos... they just said we have enough wild dirt jump tracks... would be great to have a track here
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 This project had quite a bit of history to it. Community work that was started 6 years ago led to this project. Got quite a few other projects lined up now and hopefully another 3 pumptracks in the next 2 years.
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 Best way to get kids on bikes make it fun and safe (no cars) Pump tracks are so much fun for kids!
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 Pump tracks need to be shut down. If you ask me about kids while im throwing greasy whips at the track ill pistol whip a BOI
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 Yaaaay! Happy kids, all sizes!
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 That was fun. Made my day.
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 I don't care
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 Nice one! Didn't even know this existed.
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  • 3 0
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 2:57 kid in the background has the best face! Nice vid bomb
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 Excellent...Smile !! Great job..great vision! Parks price most kids out.
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 props Brendan and ultimately Claudio. Killing it
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 I think Brendon should try to push for one in every uk county!
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 every town is required. I remember the problems as a kid how do i get to the local BMX track 14miles away in my county. there was no way. Make new house builders pay for them.
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 This makes me happy
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