Video: Brendan Fairclough's Best Of 2020 - Riding on the Roof, Enduro Racing, Audi Nines, & More

Jan 6, 2021
by Sarah Moore  

bigquotesWhat a year we have had. Good, bad and very strange we have had it all. Despite lockdown and almost every mountain bike event we had planned in the calendar cancelled we made the best of a bad situation and... vlogged it. Haha

As soon as lockdown came in I just couldn’t keep still so decided this was the time I need to bite the bullet and get YouTube delt with. I had been putting it off for years saying I didn’t want to start creating consistent MTB mediocrity but... I grew in to it and love it now. Have made a good friend with Beney who has helped from almost the word go. Helping filming and editing the videos. Thank god for that or we would be in trouble.

Despite all the restriction we managed to get out more than I thought. MTB enduro trips to Madeira for me being the highlight with Jono Jones along with a trip to Germany for Audi Nines. Both trips to remember. Even though these were our only trips away we still made the best of it possible and vlogged the hell out of it, TransMadeira was eye opening for me into the world of enduro which was so tough but so incredibly fun at the same time. Audi Nines is always such a sick event with huge jumps and constant contests with each other pushing each other to the limit.

Being locked in at home meant we had to get creative with things. That’s when came up with the idea of home Red Bull Rampage and a back yard dirt jump build. Both those projects have been so much fun to film and have kept us amused for months. haha. Can't wait to get back into the backyard in the summer with all the boys and just session all day long maybe see if we can get some others involved in riding over my roof as well.

Once lockdown was lifted we still had a lot of travel restriction in place to we had no choice but to explore what we have around where we live. I think this for me was the most fun thing, having no choice where to go. No Whistler, no New Zealand, no amazing European bike parks... We had to stay and make do with what we have. Super lucky to have amazing riding to start with let alone when forced to stay home. We found some secret fun stuff and have YouTube videos to film made it way more fun. Riding zones I would never have even thought of riding became awesome riding locations when thought about in a different way.

Would like to say a huge thanks to everyone who has watched us this year, had an amazing year and supported us all the way through, we've only just begun on this mental journey. Big up to everyone out there who picked up a bike this year and shredded even if it was your first year on a bike or haven't been on one in a while it's so sick to see so many out exercising and enjoying themselves. Mountain biking has gone crazy its amazing to see.
Brendan Fairclough


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 Brendog got Vlogged
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 Does the riding on the roof video feel like it was 5 years ago to anyone else?
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 Brendan Fairclough is such a solid dude. Just good times all the time!
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 Brendog made my lockdown worthwhile
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 Thanks Brendog for helping us get through 2020. 2021 isn't going to be easy so continue making more killer videos!!
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 At Whistler around 18-20 /8/19 a gopro was lost!
If anyone knows anything !?!?!?
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