Video: Brett Rheeder's Trek Ticket S & Session from Return to Earth

Jun 19, 2019
by Pinkbike Originals  

In between spinning and flipping off cliffs for Anthill's latest film, Return to Earth, Brett Rheeder sat down and gave us the details on his Trek Ticket S & Trek Session.

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 Can we see some photo's too? I just wanna see the bike but don't nessecarily want to use my data on video.
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 There was a whole article about it a couple days ago:

Edit* Sorry, that was the new bike, my bad. Still a cool read
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 You can use data on it? Pinkbike videos will not even load on my (Verizon iPhone Xs) phone anymore.
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 I feel really old Now can anyone explain a crank stopper or post a link for me thank you.
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 cranks spin because of bearings in bb, guys who do cool tricks take feet off pedals alot, crank stopper allows cranks to move under pedaling but use resistance to keep them in place when they're feet come off during said tricks. Piece of rubber pipe and a pipe clamp usually do the trick.
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 Thanks for the info guys I understood what it did. I just never knew it existed or how it worked. I love all the MacGyver Tech you dirt jumpers bring to the Bicycle World.
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 username checks out
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 @oldtech: this is what can happen if you don’t have a crank stop, Matt Jones crash at recent Crankworx, explanation starts at 1m10s into video
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 @aps62: and here I always thought crank Stoppers were rocks that were sticking up too high on my downhill course when my timing was off. I guess I'm showing my age today
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 @oldtech: those are crank f*ckers
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flag chainspotting (Jun 19, 2019 at 13:58) (Below Threshold)
 @oldtech: I know you might be 'oldtech' but you've heard of Google right?
Surely you haven't been waiting years for a Rheeder bike check video to finally ask the PB audience to find out what a crank stopper is?!
Just wait til you find out what a Trickstuff Trixer is. That's gonna blow your mind .
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 @chainspotting: I've never heard of Google please explain
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 I love this shit, i always wanna hear more from the slopestyle guys ! Good content PB. More of this.
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 Does Brett really run bontrager wheels? I thought he had "we are one" carbon wheels..
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 I think the we are one thing is a very new sponsorship. during filming for this he was likely still on bontrager.
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 Lets the Session drop at the end. MTB mic drop? lol
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 lol when he just drops it at the end.
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 That music is so chiiiill
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 What is it??
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 650 b session?
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 I like team Trek bike custom colors
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 Is his session 26 or 27.5?
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 Does Brett only have a front carbon wheel as he has been going through his rear wheels due to them being carbon or can we are one really take a beating. Would be o there’s ted to know as I am looking into buying some carbon we are one wheels.
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 now that's a good setup for both bikes, I like that, nice video.
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 cool bit
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 Amazing stuff
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 looks like a session
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