Video: Brook MacDonald & Loic Bruni's Big Crashes from the Val di Sole DH World Championships

Aug 28, 2021
by Ed Spratt  
The Val di Sole course is one of the steepest and wildest of the World Cup circuit, yesterday it took out both Brook MacDonald and Loic Bruni in some horrific crashes. We were relieved to hear they both walked away without serious injuries and are looking to be hitting the course for finals on Sunday.

bigquotesI’m built different don’t ask me how or why it’s a question I ask myself each time something like this happens to me. I put myself through hell and back and it only makes me stronger Brook MacDonald

bigquotesInsane action today on the hill… You can hear my reaction when I land on the only dirt patch there was: WTF!!! Got lucky today. Time to regroup and get my shit together. Loic Bruni


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 Brook will still ride on Sunday, but the rock garden has to pull off the finals
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 They’re having counselling now
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 I've never seen rock get bruised before
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 Rock garden just got geo-blocked by Brook, it will be dialling in via VPN now
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 They are calling it White Snake now because ii looked like it saw a ghost.
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 Rock garden wants to go behind the paywall, NOW
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 Brook now rising to Chuck Norris Level!
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 Man he was really trying to be super Bruni there for a second...
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 Almost had it too. Certainly deserves the nickname.
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 Did you see Wyn TV? Dude was definitely shook from the crash! Definitely an OH MERDRE' OH MERDRE' moment!
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 @nojzilla: OH CHYT OH CHYT
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 So, so pleased they both walked away from these huge shunts. Brook is spot on when he says these guys are built differently. Best of luck to them both tomorrow.
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 Most committed nose bonk I’ve seen thus far
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 Geez, looked like the earth gravity was turned off there on the second bounce for Bruni :S
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 a glitch in the matrix Big Grin
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 Can’t help but think being clipped in saved Bruni on that second rebound pop
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 Some good test data for ohlins there
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 Looked like a video game crash!
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 It's great that the medical team was quick to the attention of the rocks and boulders Brook Macdonald hit.
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 Bruni with the 50 to1 style!
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 Free riders in shambles after being out done by a top 5 DH racer. Nollie nose manny steeze
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 Jack will have fun with the telemetry from that one...
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 bruni's crash is just weird. even I feel weird now
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 Triple buck'a'roo
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 Front Fork Pogo Stick mega
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 Rodeo on the rocks... What a “save“ by Bruni!!
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 Had Loic ridden that out it would be the stuff of legends. Hell, it still is.
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 That could have been so much worse for bruni. It was actually a great save to pick his front end up off the 2nd rock. If he had ejected out of the front door there, it would have been much worse #superbruni
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 Loic’s need some Benny hill music to top it off
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 Aw shit yeah! I see it Big Grin

The PC police of today heads would collectively explode if they saw a Benny Hill show LoL
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 The proof that SuperBruni is in fact an alien/X-Man/Mutant. Wink
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 Some will see proof of a hidden motor in Bruni’s crash, wait for it
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 Loic video game physics crash!
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 hope they both wake up tomorrow feeling Irie that was painful to view
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 When the bogey man goes to bed he checks under his bed for Brook!
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 Somebody get Bulldog a spine protector for sir crash alot.
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