Video: Building a Custom Van and Riding Moto with Neko Mulally

Jun 17, 2020
by Ed Spratt  

Neko Mulally kits out a van for carrying his bikes and hits up a motocross track.


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 He does math like i do when I want to justify buying that € 2000 bike with my € 1600 budget.
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 cuts out right side window to see better when making a left hand turn. okay.
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 That math though...
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 If they ever bring back the Beverly Hillbillies, I want Neko to play Jethro.
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 Puts rubber floor down, then starts welding. I don't think the math at the beginning of the vid was a gag.
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 I was hoping to see a TIG torch in his hand after reading your comment....nope.
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 The bikes are worth more than the van. He got his priorities right.
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 Neko switching hats every scene, funny
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 Vans are cool but a camper hardwood interior with wood stove and Cummins diesel in manual transmission is better . Lol
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 How do you get from your cab into the camper? I bet it's a tight squeeze getting through the rear window Wink

You want a van, you just don't know it yet. My diesel Promaster is pulling 26mpg, can turn around in the middle of a narrow two lane road, while driving my wife can reach into the cooler for drink, my dog sits behind my seat, everything is accessible from my front seat, and I can pull into a drive through without knocking off the roof.

Oh, and I have a roof van, heater, cooler, full sized bed, and my bikes fit inside Smile
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 @I have a door on my camper . Haha
My Cummins gets 900 km for a tank costing 120 !
I had a van and a truck n campers are mucho bueno especially with a wood stove. the total cost with a new Cummins and used camper was 55 k .
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 @DHsender4life: my van cost half that, better resale too. I sold my truck to get a van, trucks are all looks, nothing to see, just moving along here ????
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 Still waiting on my DMV paperwork (messed up paperwork AND Covid shutdown). But I can't wait to start testing out my retired ambulance.

Also, paid less than 3 out of my 4 bikes (only my roadie was cheaper, but I got a lucky deal).
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 I want a van
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 Vans are the bomb, once you go van you'll never want to go back!
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 You realize you can pull a couple bikes on a trailer and not have to buy a 90K van?
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 do you mean a $90k van or a van with 90k miles? If you meant the first one, you're way off given that it's a 2004... A really clean version of this van would likely still be under $20k.
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 @bikeracer28: at the end of the vid it said $8k for the van and $3k for the mods = $11k
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 fuckin stupid
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 Yeah, that was kinda dumb, but he’s happy and they didn’t themselves!
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 What a green sport :-)

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