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Video: Is Ben Cathro Faster Than a World Cup DH Racer? - The Privateer: Walk the Talk Episode 4

Aug 6, 2020
by Pinkbike Originals  



World Cup racing is on hold so Ben Cathro took it upon himself to hold his own event (#notarace) on a course that himself and some locals built to see where his speed was at compared to a couple of top-level racers.

Video by

We'd like to extend a huge thank you to all of the sponsors who supported this project.


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 I love the fact that he just built his own track just to give us some Cathrovision.
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 Always stoked for a new Privateer episode. I appreciate this kind of content even more in the current climate. Thank you Ben, the PB team, and everyone else who made this happen!
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 Hey, nobody's beaten me in a world cup this year either so...
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flag Bikerdude137 (Aug 6, 2020 at 8:55) (Below Threshold)
 Well nobody beat you other years either, you can't beat someone you where never put up against...
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 @Bikerdude137: that’s the joke.
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flag Bikerdude137 (Aug 6, 2020 at 9:41) (Below Threshold)
 @pcledrew: yeah, i know...
Did you read the first part? Or just after the comma?
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 @Bikerdude137: If you have to explain the joke, you kill joke murderer.
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flag Bikerdude137 (Aug 6, 2020 at 10:26) (Below Threshold)
 @pcledrew: did you guys seriously not understand what i meant?
Unless @BenPea races world cups then it still makes sense...
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 @Bikerdude137: yes we understand what you meant. you dont understand what everyone else meant though.
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 @Bikerdude137: you're a clever one
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flag Bikerdude137 (Aug 6, 2020 at 11:37) (Below Threshold)
 @cuban-b: no i definitely did understand what you guys meant...
I got the joke, i was just saying that if they never raced him, they also never beat him, i get that the joke was because of covid but i made a different one...
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flag Bikerdude137 (Aug 6, 2020 at 11:39) (Below Threshold)
 @wpplayer18: i wasn't explaining the joke, i was making a different one, did all of you seriously think i was trying to explain it?
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 @Bikerdude137: mate save the digging for when you're in the woods. ????
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 @Bikerdude137: the thing about jokes is... they have to be "funny"
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 hahahaha what is happening here?
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 @Bikerdude137: bro. Just stop.
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 @wpplayer18: just wait a bit. @Bikerdude137 will be here with a “joke” to clear things up for everyone.
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 @pcledrew: i kind of want him to keep going. see where this takes us. "I just flew in - my arms are tired. i'll be here all week, try the veal"
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 @pcledrew: what joke?
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: Purchased. Thanks, b!
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 @cuban-b: we can be tee-shirt twins
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 @artistformlyknowasdan: that sounds delightful
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 This is fantastic, it's been a while since i felt that rush of excitement watching split times come up and seeing who is the fastest. Well done Cahtrovision and the whole team for putting this together. Cool track, GoPro footage, track side video, split times and awesome commentary. What more could we ask for?! Who needs WC racing, when we have Cahtro!
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 Red Bull Media are you taking notes. Apparently you can cover a race by putting wireless cameras in all the good spots and have helmet cam footage to watch the rest.
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 Well wireless cameras aren't live sadly, also some riders don't like helmet cams in races (thank amaury pierron for some sick race footage though)
It would be sick if they had legitimate cameras to cover the entire race though
At least it's better then the crankworx summer series at silverstar, they literally filmed the first 2 rock gardens then completely skipped: the long straight after, 4 more rock gardens and another drop, not to mention little missing bits from in the trees, at second 12 they where still at the top, in the next scene they were at 1 and a half minutes already...
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 @Hachymojo @Bikerdude137: broadcast quality cameras are _very_ expensive and require a whole infrastructure to manage them for live broadcast. Think about the zoom range and steady tracking these cameras need to track a racer flying down the course. It would take _hundreds_ of GoPros to get all the equivalent shots, and then they all need to be powered, connected, and managed. Can you imagine the broadcast director cutting to a new camera literally every few seconds? Not to mention all the other work the camera operators do: tracking the subjects, pulling focus, adjusting for changing light, etc etc. Even if you could link up a bunch of action cams reliably, what happens when a big cloud casts a shadow the little gopro doesn't adjust for the lighting in time and we all miss some action? Yes, it can work for Ben for getting footage of a handful of racers, that he can then edit and adjust later, but live broadcast is a completely different beast. Think about all the work Ben did to make a great video, and then imagine it all happening live... it can't be done with a bunch of action cams, not at the level that Redbull wants for its live stuff.

Check this out:
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 @Bikerdude137: "It would be sick if they had legitimate cameras to cover the entire race though"

Get more people to watch (so advertisers give them more money, or I guess you could just buy more Red Bull), because more cameras requires more money. Even just getting cameras and cables and other equipment up on the hill, which may even require building various semi-permanent platforms and fixtures, and paying good operators to run the cameras, that all costs A LOT.
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 @Bikerdude137: Logistics of this type of coverage are incredibly complex, getting free coverage is fantastic all things considered, remind me not to get you a gift this Christmas.
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 DH doesn't work as well because generally it's watched live.

But EWS... TAKE NOTES!! I've been asking for this kind of thing out of EWS for years. WRC used to put together 3-day edited amazing coverage. They would release a days worth of coverage in a 20 min show the next morning I think it was?? Used a few positioned cams in key spots and then in-car cams from the likely top 10 or so(?)... then after the weekend, think it was like an hour or so full super-cut of the whole weekend... and that was like 10-15 years ago when I used to follow it regularly... not sure what they're up to now. But... the money that was put into WRC vs what goes into EWS is vastly different... maybe EWS doesn't have the cash to put together the 24 hour a day for 3
days editing/production team and mobile equipment/studio that would be needed. But these days... 20 go-pros, a few high powered editing set-ups and "bob's your uncle"... I would think.
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flag Bikerdude137 (Aug 6, 2020 at 10:09) (Below Threshold)
 @just6979: maybe that's why i said IF?
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 @islandforlife: WRC is also free on Red Bull TV these days and the coverage is insane; ghost cars, helicopters, live telemetry from the cars, definitely worth checking it out.
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 Never mind Red Bull, someone should fire the Crankworx media crew and recruit the Scottish lads to do the coverage!
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 @farkinoath: I wonder what the ratings difference is? Rally and auto sports is general has a ton revenue in advertising and tv deals because the viewership is so high.
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 @Mattysville: You know I don't think there's any reliable numbers out there for the kind of viewership numbers Red Bull TV does but you could safely assume that WRC pulls more viewers internationally than MTB. The whole situation is kind of weird and multilayered in WRC too as Red Bull are also the major sponsor of a team and a number of the drivers and as a company they don't necessarily care about pulling in advertising and terrestrial TV deals from a broadcast, they care about creating the sweetest Red Bull flavoured content possible so we keep buying their sugar-water. Motorsport in general obviously operates in a different financial stratosphere to MTB so there is a lot more money to bank-roll better coverage.
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 That was an absolutely amazing video, like one of the best I've ever watched on PB. SO Stoked for Cathro to take on the World Cup and I think this proves he's going to be competitive. Also, because of the shortened/uncertain 2020 season, sorry Cathro but you're obligated to do the whole 2021 season now!
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 Full send on the video production!
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 great content! really fun to watch
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 I really hope they bring Ben back for next season. He is perfect for this.
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 Keep this up ben, max and pinkbike. This is how you make the non existent race season interesting.
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 Imagine, a land where puddinghead entered races......
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 @TomsiR: he wouldn't be as patch on you!
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 Not to mention this must have taken an absolute age to edit together like this. Great stuff Cathro!!
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 Enjoyed that lads.well done. Track looks absolutely mint as well. If not world class then SDA class definitely. Love how Cathro got his own super line choice section in as well. Although when I was a new dad I was stuck indoors all the time, not playing around in the woods Smile
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 Ben is fast and does really well at the SDA's

Comparable to Kenta but not to Greg who is on another level, that was without training, will be interesting if they ever race a WC where Ben can get to on seeding day. That part of the field is flooded with riders and a fraction of a second can see you miss the cut.,1292,4008
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 I'm just so impressed with this content. 28 minutes of pure engaging content. Great camera work, excellent voice overs and choice music. So So impressive in the delivery. Also are they still speaking english or does it have another name at this point?
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 It's a shame that there are some really talented and fast riders out there who are only held back from being best in the world due to sheer cost. Ben is very lucky to have opportunities like this, best of luck when racing resumes.
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 Proper good watch! Some graft on that track too, nice work the boys
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 that's just great edit, enjoyed every minute
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 So few e-bike comments ????
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 Fantastic, we’ll produced and Ben seems like such a legit nice guy, rooting for him, give him the full opportunity in 2021!
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 bloody brilliant.cathro is a very humble and really connects with the viewers just like Elliott Jackson and Warner just top blokes that give bikes such a vibe.cathro for pm
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 I don't know whose lockdown hair is better, Ben's or Angus's. L'Oréal should sponsor them Wink

Also, watching the boys' split times was more intense than some WC rounds!
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 I was riding the track yesterday in the wet and it was the best track I’ve ever ridden. Thanks to all the people who made it.
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 Also the top section was super slippy in the wet.
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 "Wheres the GoPro?!" hahaha
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 The best content going, no contest.
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 Brilliant! Thoroughly enjoyed that, especially the commentary.
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 This was amazing. Thanks Ben and the gang, and thanks PB.. you've been killing it lately.
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 2020 was in desperate need of some Cathrovision. Glad we got even a tiny bit.
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 ‘Thanks to all the sponsors that supported...’
is this over after one season?!
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 Ben is already a World Cup racer ... I mean , not many privateer already won several national series
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 This is some of the best PB content ever. Ben is now the Czar of PB.
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 That was dope. These boys are on to something. Fest Series for DH racing. Take it away from the UCI.
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 The only thing that could have elevated Ben further in my eyes was adding trail building to his resume. What a Golden God!
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 When I eat gummy bears, I usually don’t get much done!
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 Watching this one was just a huge amount of fun. Thank you!
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 For not being a race that was exceptionally fun to watch.
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 Bearded Ben is where it's at!
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 But... if Ben is going to race, the who is going to do CathroVision??
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 COVID: No World Cup this year
Ben: hold my whiskey!
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 Always worth waiting for content from Cathro. Great stuff.
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 Most exciting race of the year so far! =)
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 Rode the track yesterday in the wet. It was great fun!
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 That was good
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 Gid jab!
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 Cathro v Covid
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 real good
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 Awesome guys! Just awesome Big Grin
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 That was great!
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 So good.
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 Need more cathrovision!
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 Great video Ben!
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 No he is not.
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