Video: Building and Riding a New Rock Slab Line with Remy Metailler

May 30, 2020
by Rémy Métailler  

There is something special about rock slabs... So pretty and so intimidating at the same time!

I had seen that rock slab for over a year and always wondered how come none had made a line down it. Seemed pretty obvious to me that it was rideable, so I went with my buddy Cole, and cleared it!

A few hours later, it's rideable, but definitely way harder than I had pictured it. I should have waited an extra day for the dirt to dry.... but it worked out ok!

Thanks @influxproductions for the additional footage.

Photo by @dylanwolskyphoto: [PI=][/PI]



From the sky by dylanwolskyphoto

From the sky Seen shot from the video by Influx Production

New feature new video


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 Good to see Remy’s honesty about how difficult and dangerous the line is; also good to hear he blocked off the entrance given its risk. Lots of lemmings likely to get very badly hurt trying it.
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 When he says “it’s the scariest thing I’ve done” that translates to “Id crap my pants and probably die”
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 questionable build quality on that run--out... pungy sticks in hole with moss raked on top?
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 the vietcong technique
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 took a French line on the building part...
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 Fine for a one hitter I would say.
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 Scrapping away a stripe of moss to ride that line is inconsequential compared to the idiots logging and clearcutting the forest with reckless abandon. Nothing to worry about. Big picture people. Smile
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 Yep logging, clearfelling, destructive one-off track building - all part of the big picture called cumulative impact.
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 There are better ways to set up the rope, so you can belay yourself and you aren't running the rope directly over the tree!
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flag SnowshoeRider4Life (Jun 1, 2020 at 10:49) (Below Threshold)
 not to mention the lack of a safety on the figure 8 at his harness
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 @SnowshoeRider4Life: Figure 8 doesn't need a backup knot, that's an old wive's tale. Other than dealing with overly long tails if provides 0 benefit.
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 Seeing Remy bail his bike at the top humanized him in a form I never expected to see him. Remy, how this this compare to that gnarly roller at the top of whistler that Tippie has that classic photo op on and you shot a video of a couple of years back. That one still looks like the scariest thing I’ve ever seen. This build is definitely more of a must see to get the difficulty perspective.
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 The camera never really captures the true scale. still looked huge.
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 Yup. Just build whatever you want? Mostly all videos of trails being built rarely have information about where, when and how you should be building. This is one way way to have trail networks shut down. Love Remi's riding but just because he's a professional does not give him the right to build wherever the hell he wants to. If we all went into the woods and built lines that were one offs I wonder what the results would be. I for one would rather not see any trail building videos unless they begin with information acknowledging the use of the proper channels to build these trails in different areas.
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 Agree. I've really warmed to Remy in his follow cam vids over the last year. I think the exposure has been well considered and his inclusion of local riders a great way to inspire a generation. He's shown willing to contribute back to the communities where he's living and I absolutely applaud and respect that.
This vid however, I appreciate seeing Remy being fallible and we can all relate to that, however in addition to his astonishing riding, I'd prefer to see him inspire and motivate other riders with productive trail building, not this.. although lets be fair that before social media was rampant, videographers were building 1-hit lines for video shoots.. we just didn't see it in 'real time'. The Squamish forest is littered with defunct stunts from decades of 'unofficial' builds, some of which are being brought back to life but with considerable work to make them sustainable.
I've not quite figured the location here, but either way, its not the current trend of "just opening up an old walking trail", its not on crown land, its not in park land, and no private land owner is giving their express permission for that kind of build.
I believe that for anyone looking to pickup a shovel, step #1 should be to the local bike association to see what is needed for the network, step #2 seeking education on sustainable trail building techniques and construction. []
Hopefully their vision can then be realized with a trail that can be enjoyed for decades to come as a legacy. Among the many, Pamplemousse, LOA, Freds and Rupert jump to mind as a 'solo' visions, that were extremely well executed that the builders should be proud to see riders enjoy for a lifetime.
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 @juanny: IMBA Canada trail building tips definitely has some good advice but not end all knowledge.
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 When they blast the rock out of there for the mine and then subdivisions I think the moss will go too...
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 Would be a great video if it was a new trail being built within Whistler bike park or other supported/legal area.
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 @kootenayrider: I did a video with Remy 5 months ago about the legal trail building process on a legal trail I built. It's currently 2000 views less than this video that's been out for a day. The province won't sanction a double black trail so unfortunately my video of a sanctioned blue or black trail isn't going to be as popular.
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 @kootenayrider: good article. Thankfully threats of fines or rules has never stopped the dedicated builders who have made this sport into what it is.
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 @VFreehd: disliked by the public because of jackasses?
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 @clink83: That too. But I doubt not having a few jackasses would change public perception. If you read that link it mentions 90% of the North Shore trails that exist today were built illegally. Mountain biking wouldn't be the same without the North Shore!
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 I think the most dangerous part of the video might have been the belay. Not trying to be negative but I am sure there are lots of climbers in Squamish who would be happy to set up a proper anchor and belay you safely. Great riding, beautiful location, and love these videos.
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 How does his work up in Canadaland? I’m asking cause I have no idea. Is this area public land, private or something else? Is it fair game to build or create where ever you see fit in BC? If so, that’s awesome. Or is this a pretty secret area of forest? Got plenty of those in my woods. I just know if the Forest Service discovered me doing this, I’d probably get a huge fine. Then again, as the world knows, America is bonkers.

Love your neighbor, y’all
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 Grey area. Most of this area is private land. The landowners in Squamish have, for the most part, allowed unfettered access to their land for mountain biking. Most of these areas are slated for eventual development but are unable to do so currently as they're outside of district boundaries and the municipality is looking to densify before expanding. Lines such as these are pretty prevalent and most likely built without the landowners consent. So far these landowners have been turning a blind eye but at some point relationships between the cycling community and these landowners may become more strained.
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 Remy with knee pads and a full face helmet? Sure it must be hard a line!
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 Good point.
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Appreciate the honesty and the fact that the small hesitation crash was left in edited.I like better true edits as such that aren’t too funky
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 As one of those people who prefer to keep my tires on the ground, and find steep and tech less intimidating, I'm amazed the rock drop at the beginning would be considered the easiest part of this line.
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 So sick. The risk is so high. If you make a mistake, you are tumbling down a 75 foot rock face at full speed into a tree.
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 It's great to establish a new line and author it's creation. If it can be ridden once, then it's legit. I would clean up the moss around that last right hander before the free-fall. It's where your front wheel slide-out and lost traction. Clean that section up and the path will be cleaner but still critical considering the pitch. You have potential to add some unique new trails to the area and if done with due consideration from your peers, I endorse your efforts!
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 thats crazy
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 Ya its much less scary when its dry, comment of the year Remy. Nice riding
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 Solid riding bud
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 Very well done Rémy ! "Braking is my strenght" LOL going 100 km/h on sketchy lines also one of yout strenghts...
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 When you combine rope work and trail building together to make a insane slab line, I get very excited!
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 I'm sure the video give no justice to the steep, but it's look like super sick !!!!
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 Remy used his !!!
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 Pinkbike; NOTICE: Mountain biking irresponsibly during the COVID-19 pandemic puts you and others at risk.

Remy; “it’s the scariest thing I’ve done”

Pinkbike; Posts video anyway.
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flag rockcliffe (May 31, 2020 at 16:25) (Below Threshold)
 irresponsible is the word that comes to mind.
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 You do understand that hospitals have record low numbers right now right? Don’t think it’s irresponsible to do or to post
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 For GOD SAKES!!!!!.......everyone f'n relax with your holly-than-thou shit-eating comments. We have 30ish people in the hospital province-wide. Our hospitals are actually more empty with elective surgeries and other admittance's cancelled. Ride it again Remy! Dont be influenced by these chicken dicks.....not like you're a professional.
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flag rippersub (May 31, 2020 at 18:33) (Below Threshold)

I literally just quoted what I saw on pinkbike. Nice rant though.
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 @rippersub: Sooooo than why did you post it??? And so you're saying Pinkbike wrote "Pinkbike: Posts video anyway" .... having a hard time finding that "quote". When did mountain biking let in all the nerds and geeks??
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 @lastminutetech: There is a reason that bikes caught up to the skill of riders. Nerds and Geeks.
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 @thejake: I don't think people realize that being scared and riding irresponsibly don't have to be mutually inclusive. I've ridden sections of trail over and over, knowing that that the risk of failure is low but that doesn't mean it doesn't scare me.
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 Self belay, arborist stye, would be easier to work off of
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 in Australia we'd call this habitat destruction. What sort of permit do you need to make these one-off trails in BC?
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 Sent the gps co-ordinates.
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