Video: Building the Black Sage Course with Carson Storch & Kyle Jameson

May 7, 2020
by Sarah Moore  

For the 4th annual Black Sage event, Carson Storch and Kyle Jameson are creating an entirely new course at the Oregon Dirt Park!

Video/Edit: Caleb Ely

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 The only problem I see with this course is it's in Oregon and I'm in NH.
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 So how are they going to bring riders from all around the world there ?
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 We're going to hope at some point this year the world will open back up, if not at least we have a head start on next years event! Call us optimists.
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 @carson-storch: You're optimists.
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 @DirtyDee: I know, thank you!
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 @carson-storch: y’all are badasses! Even if you can get people from Oregon, Cali, Washington, Nevada and Utah to come out y’all could still get an epic group of riders together. I’d make the trip out to watch depending on when it is. Might have to be a little lower profile than years past to pass Kate Browns orders but the world needs this....
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 @carson-storch: can i roll my maiden with you bro!~ Run a Chicagoland MTB Shop and we're the only ones that stock the Rockies!! All the best on your build-out dudes! The Bike Hub Crew!
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 I’d be more impressed if the course builders could work around the trees versus knocking them down. Those trees are older than the riders, kinda sad, especially in a state that saw so much bad logging practices in decades past.
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 @carson-storch you guys still got team scrapers big rubber thingy? We got shitfaced and lost it up at the first black sage.
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 I think we snuck it into Zink's bike bag after Black Sage 2018, location is unknown at this point
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 Kyle J looks like he’s been living in the wilderness for the past few years, this lockdown sure has taken its toll hahaha
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 OR is closed till July 6th...hope this actually happens.
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 Don’t know about deschutes county but Douglas county law enforcement is allowing businesses to open and allowing people to be people so long as they use common sense.
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 Either way, theres goi g to be some sick building!!!!
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 If you build it, they will come!
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 All finger and toes crossed for you guys!
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 Looking good boys!
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