Video: Building Velosolutions' Latest Pumptrack In Cape Town

Jan 9, 2021
by SandellFilms  

We give you a sneak peek of how the Velosolutions team build their famous pumptracks around the world. The South African team joined forces with Claudio Caluori to build the first pumptrack in Cape Town, South Africa.

Film: Thomas Sandell


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 Glad they threw in the skateboarder and scooter kid in at the end.......a little glimpse of who ends up taking over these bike parks en masse by the 1st week
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 Taking over? It’s built for those kids. Hardcores can show up at dawn if they want it to themselves.
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 As much as Scooters annoy the shit out of me at the skate park. There's a good chance they're future MTBer's/skaters.

Sometimes they just need guidance on how to use parks/pumps tracks correctly. But unfortunately parents themselves don't know.
You can't expect a 6 year old to know drop in rules or direction of a pump track.

A bit of tuition is usually gratefully received by a parent.

But... Some kids are arseholes so...
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 @Mcanical: I hate this mentality of pump tracks being for kids. They're for everyone, including riders that go fast and take creative lines that differ from that standard scooter kids lap. If kids struggle understanding that or don't have the skill to avoid other riders, they they shouldn't be on the track!
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 scooter kids annoy me but actual scooters kids ( the ones doing tailwhips bars spin and other stuff) know how to ride a pump track and skate park and i think its kind of cool
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 I wish our government cared about us as much as Velosolutions guys care about asphalt.
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 yeah...we are so lucky with ours...
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 We have Stevie Smith bike park in my city. Two velosolutions tracks, bmx track, three jump lines and skills area. It is an awesome park for everyone. The atmosphere is always positive and the more advanced riders respect the little ones who are learning.
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 What's it going to take to make this happen in my city?
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 Around 200.000€ for this smaller one incl. the skate thing on the other side
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 @ATV25: If you get involved in local city park organizations with the backing of a legit mtb group, and sell them on the idea, some cities will help fund if not fully fund it.
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 @DoubleCrownAddict: Our city parks got a $600K grant and is building a bike park. It is in the final stages of design and will be put out to bid this year. Our company is bidding on certain aspects of the construction. It would not have been possible without the help of local groups. So you are a 100% correct my friend !!!
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 @ATV25: unfortunately what normally happens is once the designers have finished their part and the council have gone through and put their seal of approval on it, you'll have precisely $1 to complete the project ????
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 Municipality budget is in shambles. Already have a grant paying for a white water park. Looks like I'm sticking to the woods.
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 We are 70% of the way there raising the momentum and money for a Velosultions pump track in our home town. If you could help by doing this survey please, take two minutes.
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 @chriskneeland this is what it takes.
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 although @mendipsboss , sorry I started filling in the survey and got stuck at my ethnicity being a mandatory question. It's 2021, sorry, no deal. Would have loved to support the cause though.
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 @mendipsboss Is this all crowd sourced? Or are these revenues from other sources like grants, tax based, etc.?
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 @heckler73: too bad you feel that way
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 @mendipsboss - That quiz asks for completely unnessacary information- how are you going to get people to do it asking extremely personal stuff?!?
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 Everyone time I see a new one built I get pretty jealous. I wish I had one of these to go to in the winter where I could work on/improve my "skills". They look super expensive to build... Every town should have one.
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 Music credits people, please. What was that last song? Sounded like Beck.
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 Kerala Dust - Closer ✌️
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 Super fortunate to have a few of these around the Denver, CO area. They are all masterpieces and so much fun to ride.
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 Where at?
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well, this is a cool feature.
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 Lekker man...good job. Unfortunately the Fleet pump track where I live in the UK is now closed till MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARCH , Noooooooooooooooooooooooo
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 Come build one in san Francisco ????
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 @Marinsend: We could use another one down in coastal San Di-eggo, too.....
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 Seriously. Mclaren is a disaster
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 @smgishot13: Yes, but they have improved a lot over last few years. And with the new wind tunnel, Mercedes PU and Danny Ric as a driver, I believe they can be very strong with the 2022 regulations.
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 “Closer” by Kerala Dust
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 Would be a dream to have that in my town for the kids to ride
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 Pretty close to building one in Pittsburgh, PA this spring / summer.
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 Looks hot out there.
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