Video: Cade Brock Sends Huge Tricks on Cam Zink's Trails in 'Atypical Weekend'

Jul 21, 2021
by Cade Brock  

Sean Galusha and I set out to make a video that captured good times and high level riding, even if we only get to ride once our work week has concluded. This is what a typical weekend with the NF crew looks like, and while our sessions may be a bit atypical we wouldn't have it any other way.

We are super stoked on what we were able to accomplish with this video, though we would be lying if we said we did not want more out of it.

An injury filming (I broke my foot in 8 places), and then a long and unfortunate series of non-riding related life events, including me getting rear ended in my car and breaking my back has made it so we haven't been able to film in over 6 months.

So we decided to put together what we had so far, Sean was able to work his magic and create this awesome piece. I hope you all enjoy it!

Thanks to Zac West, Robin "Rambo" Davis, and Marcus Schoepe for helping me with prep work and riding with me on film days.

Massive thanks to Cam Zink for always providing a sick place to ride and film and being one of the most generous people ever.

Thanks to Kali Protectives for letting us build an amazing facility in their backyard. They are building the Morgan Hill MTB scene from the ground up by making this spot open to all.

Thanks to Lama Cycles and NS bikes for hooking it up with my favorite frame and parts.


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 those tricks would have broken mtb internet a few years ago crazy how fast slope is progressing
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 I am finding it difficult to keep fresh PAYWALL comments coming consistently, but its only been a week and will continue to give me best.
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 I'll pay you monthly to keep it going
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 @Dogl0rd: I just want to know if it was Mr. Thurston from OUTSIDE who downvotes me on this....I am being honest and I am giving my best!
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 Grandpa Palmer doesn’t need a Paywall
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 Paywall is the best thing to happen to this site to be perfectly honest
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 @wda1wustl: HAHA that Burl Haggard cameo
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 @SterlingArcher: said no one ever apart from the lonely christian...
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 @Uncled: I don’t see what god has to do with this, but the paywall will help keep the trash out.
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 @SterlingArcher: All the cool kids are Trash. FU and your country club.
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 @suspended-flesh: I was just kidding, but it makes you wonder, do they budget for mtb message boards? Trailforks pro is a stretch already. I suppose I could live without Pbr, matches, and Sudafed for a few months, but I don’t really budget for those items.
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 @SterlingArcher: I was, too. For the most part.
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 Cade has had the moves for some time now. Nice to see so much progression and now some coverage!
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 Thanks for the kind words everyone! Somebody pay my filmer Sean and we will make an even better one haha
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 This place looks amazing.
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 It’s in Reno. You’d fit in quite well.
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 nice! good vid looks like such a cool place
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 ok some of those tricks were absurd. good work yall!!
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 I thought him everything he knows.
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 woodward tahoe represent
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 Holy f*ck…was that Palmer?!
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 Yeah! He is Zink’s neighbor. Cruised to watch us ride a bit. Frickin legend
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 @cadebrock: Guessing MiniShred isn't a leftwing nutjob these days?
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 Double Flip Can?!!??
First time I see a variation in a Double Flip
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 Few people have done no handlers in them and my friend griffin got a bar in one to airbag. Believe I’m the only one yo can though. Did it for the first time a few years ago
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 "Meat" -n- Cheez Stick 4-banger?
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 Just some Nevada gas station finds haha
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 @Sgalusha: Fully Committed!
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 Hahaha things are sketch cheese doesn’t even need to be refrigerated
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 cam zink the dude that started is mtb real with a slow mo of him getting out of a lambo?

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