Video: Calibre Bikes Release Limited Edition Stealth Bossnut - the Shadownut

Oct 28, 2019
by Calibre Bikes  
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Press Release: Calibre

The Shadownut.

An award winning Bossnut at heart, with a matt black/gloss finish and tan walls rounding off our most stunning bike to date. Now available in extremely limited quanitites for only £999 - we expect these will go fast (see video).


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Video/Photos: Sam Taylor
Rider: @alistairbaron


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 Also coming soon:

checkerboard paint version - the chessnut
one with airforce roundels - the wingnut
Homer Simpson special edition - the doh'nut
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 Cadbury's edition - The Fruit'n'Nut
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 Unecessarily high standover edition: the Bustanut.
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flag stumphumper92 (Oct 28, 2019 at 10:54) (Below Threshold)
 aha ha haa......
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 @Woody25 these are all legitimately great ideas. Especially if the head badge on the d'ohnut was an enamel pin-style Homer-eating-donut face
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flag focoram1 (Oct 28, 2019 at 11:20) (Below Threshold)
 God tier comment
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 The surprised edition: Aw nuts
  • 3 1
 Post ride cruiser - the BeerNut
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 Slopestyle edition Steeznutz
  • 10 12
 The Clagnut Because it grips to the trail like those annoying bits of turd that cling to your butt hairs
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 Yellow Colourway - Peanut
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 Painted with a night sky - the starnut however it would not be compatible with Oneups EDC tool system.
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 The women’s version the nonut
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 Launching next month
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 I’d give my left...

...for one of those
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 @arrowheadrush: ...or do you mean Peenut? Razz
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 Welvin the Great Edition... Deez-Nut (s)
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 Without a dropper - "missing a nut"
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 Shadow Nut that was the only way I came into this world.
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 Best. Comment. Ever.
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 Amazing. Came for the comments . Delivered
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 @DGWW: so did @getradbro s Dad! :-D
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 when your fox kit costs nearly half of your bike
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 American budget bike store import version - WALnut
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 You guys have Walmarts too.
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 @COnovicerider: it's you guys have Walmarts eh
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 @browner: yous guys, eh?
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 Regardless of price tag and affordablility, nobody wants to be part of the silver-stanchion club. Eewww.
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 That silver is cringe-worthy
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 Stanchions are black bro
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 @bpjumpdirt: this is the yucky black, it’s just the same silver steel stanchions with a shite coat
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 I've stealth nutted a few times, but not sure about shadow nutting...
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 Damn I love skinwalls on a black bike.
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 raw-doggin it for sure.
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 That's what she said. Thanks folks, I'll be here all week.
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 it's nice to see more affordable bikes. But why would they not go with the 148mm standard rear dropout?? not like it would cost more... Guess you could get some good deals on older wheels
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 How is reach in size S slightly larger than in size M?
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 Shape-shift technology, duh.
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 Supposed to say 442
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 Stealth with skin walls?
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 Exactly!!! You robbed my comment Wink
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 To the dude I bumped into at Brechfa with the Bossnut last Wednesday. good to chat to you buddy. Thanks for all the compliments you threw at my (yellow) bike. The Bossnut is a pretty capable trail bike, luv it. Happy riding.
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 Dude we've all been there - your fleeting biking friend I'm afraid as it was a week ago already it's probably too late. Best you can hope for is in a few years you'll catch a glimpse of a bossnut through a thickett and it will be gone. Maybe one day a Santa Cruz will pass you and you'll wonder, maybe that was the guy, my guy from that time, but the thought will pass as everything always does. Oh life. Next time we find ourselves casually nod at an oncoming biker, or watch a guy clear a gap, or stand behind a biker in a queue for coffee tell them. Tell them that you love them because it may be the only time together that you get.
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Stay weird bro!
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 Beautiful bike. Hilarious name.
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 Pretty hype video honestly
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 wowsers this is PB gold. Get on it ASAP I bet they are gone in an hour
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 I have absolutely no need for one, my present bike does exactly the same job, and yet I still find myself hovering over the buy button just because it looks great and seems like a really good deal!
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 Cycling use, everyday, weekend. Made me lol anyway.
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 Shadownut is what all my ex's called me before they dumped me.
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 Nice. I would like to buy the Astronut, but looks like I can't in EU outside of UK.
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 I have one, its a sick bike for the price. Basically a nice Spesh P slope for half the cost and better features. Better tires, half-link chain, adjustable dropouts, chain tensioner, Crankworx ridden frame etc.

Shipped to the US in 5 days. GoOutdoors is supposed to get their international shipping going again...but I'm guessing it might not happen. Bummer for Calibre, they are doing well but their distributor is faffing it up. Hoping they get it worked out!

I paid 560$ for it, shipped. Which is great because you get some room to pickup a Circus Expert fork, Deathgrips, Diety highside bars, pedals and still be less than a grand.

Fwiw the Crowhawk isn't a bad DJ for the price. Comes with highrise bars iirc too.
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 Here in Brazil a bike of this cost in the range of 3,500 euros .... the prices of bike in Brazil and very expensive ....
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 Interesting... single pivot axle path despite the FSR patents having expired. Go ahead and put that pivot on the chainstay instead of the seatstay already.
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 Cant help but love the look of that bike. WOW.
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 Is #NoNutNovember cancelled this year ?
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 Is that actually a thing? There’s a month for everything these days, so it wouldn’t surprise me!
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 like a Polygon Siskiu D in an another world Smile
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 Dr. Dre version..deeez nuts
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 When do they bring out the chin nut?
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 mate had the older version cracked the frame withing a few months.
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 Put a dropper on it.....dropanut
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 Shame about that ancient 142 rear axle.
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 yes I have a 26" Transition with a 12 X 142 and i need a rear wheel
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 Gutted that my Carbon Transition Scout is so ancient ????
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 @HardingTrail: my bandit seems so old now and its only a 2013. Found a sweet wheel set ex729s
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 Would rather go for the cheapest Orbea Occam any day
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 So you’d rather pay £1000 more?
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 @HardingTrail: Yes I would, because, unfortunately, for a better looking, a better geometry and a better specced (and probably a better bulid quality) bike you have to pay more. Wouldn't you?

Occam is a great value bike. It costs less than some Asian-built aluminium frames.
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