Video: Cam McCaul & Carson Storch Go Head to Head in a Barspin Challenge

Jul 16, 2020
by Cam McCaul  

Who can do the most barspins down the line? I set the "bar" in the last video with 11 barspins and I challenged Carson Storch to try to beat me. In this vid, Carson and I are able to link up for a big session at the Slalom Trail and have our barspin challenge face-off! It turns into a tit-for-tat showdown. We finish off the session with some mega-trains through the line with all the homies and I think there's something wrong with our train because it kept careening off the tracks.


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 Cam rocking a 'Death from above t-shirt'!! Legend!!
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 and put their music in the vid. Must have seen the shirt while editing and got inspired?
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 Those gzero's really look's a shame they quit making them. I just wish someone affiliated with trek/bontrager would talk to them. I'm stuck at the sales rep status and need Cams help on this
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 We need Ryan Nyquist to go start throwing a bunch of double bars up there...
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 Cam's commentary is brilliant, there is a reason he gets to commentary on Rampage.
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 Cam wins because he had to alternate spin directions
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 Was just gonna say... Each spin should be worth at least 1.25 spins since he has to alternate.
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 A fun challenge, now get Aidan Horn there :p
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 I'm surprised no one thought of using the big jumps for double bar spins
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 Reminds me of the Post Office jams back in the days. I loved those videos
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 I like how cam is wearing Brandon semenuk goggles with the revel Co logo!!
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 That was awesome. I need some Bend in my life.
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 lets get emil out here for barspinnage
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 Would be easier to carry speed there without unnecessary suspension forks wasting their energy.

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