Video: Cam McCaul & Dusty Wygle Face Off in a MTB & RC Long Jump Challenge

May 12, 2020
by James Smurthwaite  

bigquotesI looked in the garage - saw a ramp, an RC Car and a bunch of mountain bikes. A little brainstorm ensued and next thing I knew we had a game to occupy an afternoon. Any time I have a dumb idea that could perhaps be fun, I know I can count on Dusty Wygle to take the bait and head over to my house to be my opponent.

The game: A longjump contest.
The catch: Each competitor takes their longest Mountain Bike jump and their longest RC car jump, adds them together and the longest combined total wins.

Of course the fun was contagious and some neighbors joined the party. After Dusty and I had our contest results, Nate and Carson had their own quick MTB longjump contest.

Also, there may or may not be flame-like sparks shooting off my shoes. That’s what’s up.
Cam McCaul


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 I want to buy a place in his neighborhood !
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 I'm sure property sales are going thru the roof over there. Might have to do a comparative market analysis.
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 Does literally everybody in MURICA drives big ass SUVs and pick up trucks??!!
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 Definitely not. Certain areas have a cultural propensity to classic trucks and SUVs. Most of us in more urban areas drive lil cars. Not sure if my sarcasm meter was supposed to go off on ur comment or not, but thought I’d give a real answer! Cheers.
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 Does everyone in Serbia make dumb generalizations about Americans?
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 If they don't, they should ! Join the movement !!!
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 I got a big ass van, does that count?
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 @nurseben: Hell yes !
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 Hi Brdjanin,

What is your stereotypical american? it would be very interesting to know what other countries see in Americans.
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 @rosemarywheel: Have you never traveled abroad or talked to people from other counries?

Dude, you need to get outta dodge, there's a whole world out there just waiting ...
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 @nurseben: I went to Iceland, Scotland, and Ireland when I was seven with my family, but we haven't gone on a big trip since.

I would certainly like too... And actually, when we were there, we met up with another homeschool family and there daughter told us that because of TV, she thought that Americans either talked with a new York accent, or was ultra religious.

But that was just one kid in Scotland. I think views from other country's would be interesting, too. I could definitely make some educated guesses about how the rest of the world sees Americans. Smile
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 I would be a bit worried if my kids were hanging out with Cam lol
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 All those bike choices! I would be pondering over... my bike or my wife's bike?
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 Cam riding the same Ebike, endurobike and slopebike as me. I must be his idol. (?) My DH bike is different tho. Razz
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 I hope the irony of the PLEASE SLOW DOWN sign in front of Cam's house isn't lost on everyone.
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 Lava Flow street and a Vintage Blazer,
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 Wildly entertaining. Thought Nate was gonna die.
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 Check the video on all those distances.
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 Who makes the RC truck?
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 Think its an Arrma Outcast.
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 @pth: TY, My son has been harassing me since watching this video about the truck.
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 Kids in America
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