Video: Cam McCaul Goes in Pursuit of the Slope-Duro-Cross Course Record

Apr 17, 2020
by Cam McCaul  

To have a (the only) Slopedurocross course in my backyard is pretty unreal. I mean... it’s the world's most important form of mountain bike competition and its version of Wimbledon is right out my back door. That’s a dream come true... Unless you don’t own the course record... then it’s just pathetic.


The original Slope-Duro-Cross challenge


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 Priceless. Thanks for putting a smile on our face in these challenging times. Bas must be defeated!!!
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 That was the best thing I've watched in a long time! As a 43 year old wannabe, if I have one role model, it's definitely Cam McCaul.
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 Kirt Voreis!!!
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 @WAKIdesigns: Dude, yes. Kirt is THE man. His videos always get me so stoked.
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 The original slopedurocross video is amazing, and this new series is prime lockdown content. I am more invested in Cam taking the record than finding out if Carole Baskin fed her husband to her tigers.
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 This dude’s awesome. Some company should sponsor his new bike build!
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 Will anyone find it funny if he still doesn’t beat bas with his new bike?
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 But, what penalty should he have for not having the peanut gallery heckling and spraying him with a hose at the start? 5 seconds? And, isn't the actual record 1:50, not 1:57? So, isn't the time to beat 1:45? Sorry Cam, just askin'. The new bike sure does look fast... but can it make up that much time?
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 The training montage was THE BEST!
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 Jordie!!!! That made me smile! Thanks!
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 "LEDGE..... wait for it!.....ENDARY"!!!
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 Should someone tell him Creed beat Rocky in Rocky I?
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 fucking HOAs!!
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 8 seconds? I can do 8 seconds! NOT RIGHT NOW.
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 I have a tummy cramp from laughing!!
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 Hilarious! Also makes me want to purchase a Trek with Bontrager and Shimano parts ,so well done
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 I forgot which one is his real voice
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 Who needs the Olympics or a UCI season? This is waaaaay better! :-D
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 I thought everyone knows that you will go slower when wearing a black Black sabbath tee shirt?
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 This is the most perfectly insane thing I've seen in a long time. So perfect. Cam McCaul you're the man, man!
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 You're one funny dude...sweet ride!Smile
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 What a guy Cam is. Big respect to him.
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 That moment when the little girl voice pops in.
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 This was great and definately cheered me up Smile Thanks Cam, you're awesome!
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 Blame it on Cibelli's Pizza and 10 Barrel Brewing
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 I like the Saul Goodman voice effect
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 Can you talk to Bontrager and have them bring back the G Zeros in 2.4????
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 The parts list part what A HOOT!
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 depends on how much grease is on the box Wink
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 How dare you make me laugh man! This is what we all needed! Thanks Cam!
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 Best content by far! Thanks
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 Thanks again Cam!
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 Needed this!
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