Video: Cam McCaul, Nicholi Rogatkin, Reed Boggs & More Face the Carnage of the Slopedurocross Challenge

Nov 7, 2021
by Ed Spratt  

bigquotesWe did it again... As the kickoff to Proving Grounds weekend, we dusted the cobwebs off the ol' ninja timer and gathered the crew for the return of the chaotic backyard mountain bike race known as the Slopedurocross Challenge! Cam McCaul

Watch the original challenge here.

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 This is as close as it gets to swampfest in the MTB world
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 Just shows how suburban MTB has become. Special Event Liability in addition to the umbrella policy. "Honey, did you file the noise variance application?"
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 @dirtyalpine: ah yea *did he sign the Waver policy for the bike rideWink
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 Eat tacos, drink beer... Sounds about right.
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 Watching the local neighborhood kid just casually yeet his Santa Cruz off the backyard cliff hurt me inside.
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 this is what its all about Smile
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 More dangerous than Red Bull Rampage.
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 this is what bike events should be. funtimes
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 Actually surprised that they managed to make an entertaining video out of that madness..
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 Looks like polished MTB version of swampfest... still a looooong way to BMX swampfest craziness Smile
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 Hilarious contrast between Cam's suburban backyard and it the shenanigans that happen there.
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 Love it. Its all about a good time.
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 Ha ha loonies the lot of 'em. Cam McCaul is hypo, he'll be running around when he's 100 yo.
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 I’m pretty sure Cam is the best friend ever. What a freaking dude!
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 Better than the bigger events because the local shredders go to play. Love that it wasn't all just pro's. Hope that kids wrist is ok after his bail. Fun times.
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 Would love to take part in this!!
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 The hose and dirt throwing were the best lol!!!!
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 Love it! Invite me next year ill be a comentator/player. Hell ill put some $ into the game! Good stuf Boys Good Stuff!
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 Last time it was with Jordie Lunn pouring some water with a hose #longlivejordie
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 Got to love living in Bend, Oregon!
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 That was a blast!
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 Cam McCaul`s run was the best
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 BMX has swampfest.....
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 i love cam mccaul
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 Hilarious lol
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 Pure awesomeness!!
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