Video: Cam McCaul Practises his Trail Bike Tailwhips on a Mulch Jump

Feb 21, 2021
by Cam McCaul  

What's the best way to work on a trick and minimize risk...? Find a pile of mulch and drag a ramp up to it, you got yourself a mulch jump. If the pile of manure next to the mulch happens to have better shape.... drag the ramp up to that instead and plug your nose.

Earlier this day I made a cheeky little modification to my trail bike that we commonly use on Slopestyle bikes in order to remedy the issue of crank-spin while tail whipping. I've always dreamed of having a trail bike that can do tailwhips and this modification was the last piece of the puzzle to bring this dream to reality. The bike mod + the safe / smelly jump made for a perfect little Fisher Price-esque setup to get it all dialed in once and for all. Dusty Wygle joined in on the action because he likes fun things and we had ourselves a time.



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 looks like a sh*t landing
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 I bet he was pooped at the end of it
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 @korev: should have used a Kona Stinky
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 Gotta love Cam's content. Super chill, super humble, and the video where is just goofing around the neighbourhood with his kids is really nice to watch.
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 I have an infinite amount of time for Cam McCaul, such a great vibe.
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 @codfather1234: I agree, the McCaul brothers are a treasure for sure. Their part in the Netflix movie "Apprentice" just made me smile, over and over again. Great vibes abound.
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 Cam rules!
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 Good job he took the knock block off.
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 I love how trails bikes are evolving into slope bikes you can pedal.
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 Can't pedal all that well if you put in the crank stopper bolt like Cam does, though!
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 Great entertainment on a Sunday morning !
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 Manure is mulch, has been for 1000's of years, just not on landings.
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 Mr Rogers of mountain biking right here!

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