Video: Cam McCaul Rides Mt. Bachelor's Steepest Downhill Trail

Aug 8, 2020
by Cam McCaul  

Part 2 out of 3 of my little series of vids showing some of my favorite trails at Mt. Bachelor bike park. This time we are riding the trail, "Rockfall" -- a trundling bundle of goodness; that goodness gracious, was gracious enough to spit us all out in one piece. Steeper than the trail we were on last week (which was "Rattlesnake") and even more technical. Dusty Wygle and Matt "Oatman" Edleston joined in on the action this time around and consumed more Dust than the recommended daily dosage.

Next week will be the final part of the Mt. Bachelor Bike Park trail series and we'll be hitting "Redline," which is Bachelor's flagship jump trail... and it's ridiculously fun.

See ya then, and thanks for watching.


Shot and edited by // John Reynolds
Additional footage by // Jonathon Chandler


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 Thanks Cam for the rad video and reping Bachelor. Cant wait to see what you do on redline. Also looking fwd to a trip there myself coming up soon.
And too the people who didn't like the music. Too bad, its not your video! Some of us like metal/thrash and I think more people should be using more of it.
Horns up!
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 That song kicks ass. Much more fun then the stompy clap folk/pop songs that end up brand sponsored rider edits.
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 My kind of trail. Not my kind of riding though.. Liked this better than the semenuk one. Old school vibe going on.
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 A few thoughts:

1) Cam McCaul is rad; the riding was sick! (I can't ride 1/10 as well in my dreams...)

2) Regarding the video edit: I am unsure as to which person is farther along into a multi-day crystal meth binge:
a) the video operator / editor; or
b) the person responsible for the alleged "music..."

PS: And damn you, Cam! I still can't scrub that "Rattlesnake" song from my brain...aaauuugghh...!
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 My wife told me to turn my sound down.
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 was that some sort of computer generated muzik? I would have preferred The Knack.
That said I watched it with my own tunes and it was 100% better and was enjoyable.
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 As far as thrash metal goes, this was pretty terrible.
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 Bend or bust
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 Need to ride bachelor.

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