Video: Cam McCaul Takes a Second Try at the Slope-Duro-Cross Course Record

Apr 25, 2020
by Cam McCaul  

After last week's montage of failure, it's time to build up the new speed machine and try to finally break this SlopeDuroCross course record! Bas Van Steenbergen... I got you in my crosshairs.


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 RIP Jordie
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 My absolute favorite dude.
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 Now that’s entertainment,keep it up
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 like tigers hate cinnamon!
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 had the pleasure of meeting Cam at the XGames and he's just as stoked in person. such a rad guy.
glad he finally holds the record on his own course (for now...)
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 A bike build worth watching! Other stuff also happens...
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 Someone give this man the Rainbow Stripes
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 This is the best thing I’ve seen in a while. I’ll watch anything with Cam in it.
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 This is MTB CrossFit ... Except it's actually cool... Make this a thing!
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 And call it superenduro
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 Socks and sandals! Taking dad Cam to the next level. You can tell Cam is having too much fun in these videos. High quality entertainment.
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 A real sport needs to be created that mixes slope style with cycle cross on a short track.
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 The picture in my head is a bunch of half Lycra/half baggies riders flipping their 26" drop bar bikes (with gyro of course) off the muddiest jump imaginable
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 Hey Cam, sweet video! Cool to see you ride your Fuel EX hard, I own one as well. May I ask how much travel you are running in the front?
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 When he showed the bike off last video he mentioned he's running a 150mm Z2. I have the same bike as well!
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 @Ryan2949: Sweet, thanks for the info. I've benn playing with the idea of going to 150mm as well.
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 @PaulWolf: Trek also lists "maximum fork travel" as 150mm on their Fuel EX web page Smile
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 That dude has got some real personality !!!
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 That Ninja timer should be standard regulation at all non-sanctioned bike races!
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 The ADHD Dad, the best show on right now. Thank the gods for energy drinks and Cam McCaul.
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 Slope Duro Cross?????? What next??!!
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 That's a pretty sweet loop for a backyard trail.
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 @CamMcCaul: Your chesty is upside down....
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 its the only way to get the camera to point forwards as it hinges on the bottom, if you dont have it upside down you can only get footage of your feet and top tube..
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 @ad15: I have one, you just slide the mount on the other way. Lol. Trust me, it works. I've also put it on upside down a bunch.
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 Cam, are all the songs in your videos recorded by you at your house?
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 Fun video thanks man!
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 This is pretty awesome
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 I stopped thinking this bike was cool when he put Bontrager bars and stem on it
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 Naaah. Naaah. Missing beercans and waterhoses. Get the family out to trow stuff at ya.
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 And the rest of the Bontrager components ????
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