Video: Cam McCaul Takes his Trail Bike Dirt Jumping

Dec 7, 2019
by Cam McCaul  

The morning that we shot this Video Log, I put up a YouTube community post with a survey... I asked the viewers which bike I should take to the dirt jumps. The majority of them chose my Trek Remedy over my Ticket DJ or Ticket S because I mentioned that I didn't feel like pushing my bike up the hill. They made a sick decision because this turned into a killer little session. On the trail bike, you take a run-through, pop the dropper post up, click through those gears, and next thing you know you're back to the top of the line keeping the ride alive. John Reynolds joined along to hold "Cam's Dad Cam" and operate his flying robot camera. Tyler Roemer came along to snap the stills; then halfway through the session, a whole crew showed up... and I mean come on... Everyone knows dirt jumping is all about the big group szechuans.

Dirt jumping on the trail bike takes a little getting used to, but once the bike is set up right and you get into the flow of things, it's the best. You gotta be a little more aggressive with everything to keep the speed and throw the tricks, and you get to slash the corners if the opportunity arises. It's the best.

Camera // John Reynolds
Edit // Taylor Sage
Bike // Trek Remedy with Fox Suspension, Shimano drivetrain, Bontrager wheels /tires /bar /stem etc.


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 "Why am I so frantic?"
um, you're sucking back Rockstar? Call me crazy
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 I wonder how many cans he's got stacked that are just water(that he drinks, surely a "professional" athletes knows it's not very smart to chug back sugary drinks all the time) I mean he's always got some sick gadget/bike to ride/fool about on, that his Stoke level is always so high!
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 Next video, trails on a dirt jumper
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 is there anyone more cheerful and laid back than Cam?
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flag Kramz (Dec 7, 2019 at 10:26) (Below Threshold)
 Yeah, my friend had a similar personality growing up, looking back, it's even quite possible he was trying to emulate Cam. Wtf?
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 Dad Cam is great! Question to Cam though. Judging by the change in light you were at the Lair all day. Aren’t your legs shredded after 2 hours? How do you shesh the jumps for so long!?

Also, I googled “should I 360 my trail bike” and you’re right, google says don’t. I’m glad you did though. Steeezy!
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 how does he sesh the jumps for so long? he's been riding dirt jumps his whole life..
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"Yaaayyyy... You can do backflips..."
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 Am I the only one thinking the old lady's were hot ... "Feelin' the love" LOL
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 Naa, it took me a while. Not my proudest fap.
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 Loved the rainbow dirt jump train sash...weird and wonderful bit of editing
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 DJ on some trail descent that are kinda technical? I’ve tried it and it’s tricky, but fun. Would like to see his spin on it...
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 Editor Taylor Sage? T-Sage of the Two Six Stallions?
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 Love your stoke, Cam! How bout a colab with Sam Pimgrim. He's always getting into fun outrageous ideas.
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 Man I forgot how much I have been missing watching Cam ride. His NWD edits were my fav and it’s been too long!
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 When was this filmed? I went to Bend last week (Nov 28/29) and it was snowed in.
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 It was filmed about 3 weeks ago, I was riding at the lair when he was filming.
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 @Wesdh511: thanks! Looks like I just missed prime riding conditions. OH well the town sure was pretty all dressed in white.
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 Loved it!
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 Yes, why not
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 What's the name of the song around 11:00? I'm stuck...
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 Glad to see him have to work for those dirt jumps.
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 the little mariachi trumpeter killed me
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 yea all cool bro.. with the swords lol... You yanks got a way to go obviously
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 Doesn`t look like a Remedy for once
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 Somebody set up a kickstart to get Cam a new barrel
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 Now do trail riding on dirtjump bike.
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 XC on a downhill bike
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 paid advertisement?
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 It all is, isn't it ? That's how they make their money. I'm not bashing you, the video, or the process, it is what it is. ENJOY IT ! Smile

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