Video: Cam McCaul Teaches You No Footed Can Cans

Nov 24, 2020
by Cam McCaul  

Time for another how-to video! Time to pull up your ruffled skirts... it's on. We're learning "no footed can cans." You can can and you will can if you follow these simple steps. Start small and work your way up. That's the way to learn these upright foot and hand combos. Just as we did with the no hander tutorial video 2 weeks ago, I give you some baby steps in order to work your way up. Before you know it, you'll be getting full extension off the side of the bike as you pay homage to a maneuver pioneered in the 1800's. Put on your big kid britches, this is the no footed can can tutorial.


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 If you watch the video in slow motion, there appears to be a difference between what's being said and what's being done. To those of you who are going out to give this a go... See you on Friday morning.
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 Brace for the next Friday Fails
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 Can't can't wait
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 I've tried but I can't-can't
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 I was literally watching season 3 of Drop-In (all available on Youtube) and Cam's on there doing these. He was 18 at the time and was still buttery smooth. I guess when you got it, you got it!
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 Cam can can can
Can you can can like Cam can?
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 I can't even do it on Shred 2 yet
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 How many can-cans can Cam can?
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 Thanks! I pretty much have it down now, except sometimes I have trouble getting both feet clipped back in before I land. Tips?
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 uhhhh tips? Switch to flats if you want to do no footed can cans ????
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 Cam Can
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 Cam can do it on a bike, Cam can do it on a hike...
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 Cam can hike a bike and can can right...
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 First teach me how to just land =)
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 Cam can can-can
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 Cam, can you do the can-can
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 Cam can can can can he?
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 ah now i can do one
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 Trix are for kids.
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 Silly rabbit...

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