Video: Cam McCaul's Guide to Mastering No Handers

Nov 7, 2020
by Cam McCaul  

A How-To video! Because why not. Two things were happening.. I read some comments asking if I would do how-to videos and I realized that every time I'm at the trails or at the jumps, I get asked how to do a no-hander. A how-to Sui vid seemed like a good place to start. There's no point in trying to teach a trick unless you know a trick to the trick, so here I explain a little method to get good at pinching the seat with your knees. Because.... that's the trick to the trick. If you ain't pinching, you ain't Sui'ing.

Pinching the seat with your knees can feel weird at first and it takes a little getting used to but once you have it dialed, not only can you do a no-hander off a jump, but its a good way to rest your hands on a long downhill section. Stand up, pinch the seat, loosen your grip and refresh those hands.

You can learn this type of no-hander on any bike that has a seat. If you're on a dirt jump bike (hardtail, slopestyle bike, etc) you're probably going to want to raise your seat quite a bit so the seat height is right around your knees. If you're on a trail bike or a downhill bike this whole process will probably be even easier because your seat height is probably already pretty high. If your bike doesn't have handlebars, and you're jumping it, congratulations, you're already doing no-handers and you don't need this video.

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 Holy sh*t! How likeable is Cam McCaul? I really like the vibe of the video, and you explain it quite well!
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 Likability 3 way tie between him, Matt Jones, and JKW.
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 I’ve got my dead sailor downWink
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 This is great. Now can you teach us how to learn a 360? My goal before the age of 50 is to learn a 360. I don't have access to foam pits or airbags so how do I go about learning something like that while minimizing injury?
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 Make a jump in to a lake.
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 20 years ago I learned safely by building on a big pile of dirt. I made a wide jump and got good at doing a 180. Then I moved the landing so I had to make it 200, then 240, and so on. After a while you’ll feel comfortable spinning all sorts of stuff. Always look at your landing! Keep spinning stuff over the years or you’ll lose the skill like I did. Maybe I should go find a pile of dirt...
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 learn the spin out of a skatepark bowl (its easiest to start on a BMX, then move to a mountain bike), once you have the spin down, move on to learning them on a step up, once you have that down, then regular doubles.
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 Go 2 skatepark flyout 2 learn
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 Make sure to learn which direction you are comfortable spinning. I tried for years one direction and then learned 360s snowboarding and realized I was trying to spin the bike the wrong direction.
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 Hot Take: Cam reminds me of a young Bill Nye the science guy in this video.
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 I would like to skip the over-confident-and-crashing-part too, can you make a video about how to ?
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 If you hit your head hard enough that you forget how you crashed, who's to say you ever crashed attempting a sui?
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 Can’t wait to try some no fingerers!
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 I tried no handers one day. The bike kept falling away from my feet, made me nervous, never mastered the seat pinch with the knees. I did however know how to do no-footers so I learned nothings that day instead Smile
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 Tried the tips at the office:
1-seat pinch
2-no fingerer
3- loosen the grip
4-lower the nose and lean back

HR didn't find these as helpful, so it's back to the parking lot.

Great vid - see you on Friday fails! Wink
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 Hey Cam, please do whips, tables, 360s, backflips...just do a how-to of it all, they're fun to watch! Smile
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 Awesome content once again by Cam! I like the fact he proposes baby steps, like no fingers, before taking the plunge! Would love to see him do more of these as he's a natural at slope-style and teachin it!!
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 Dude this is great
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 one of the BEST how to videos ive ever watched
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 No-fingered dead sailor should be in the bag of tricks sometime soon Big Grin
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 Nothing brings my confidence way up like Cam McCaul telling me I have really good no-handers!
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 Thanks, Cam!
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 Keep 'em comin' Cam!
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 You should make a can-can tutorial that would be sweeeet! Smile
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 Cam is the Brad Leone of the cycling world.
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 Very nice tips Sir !
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 So entertaining !
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 Great video!
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 Gold. Pure gold.
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 Pinching the seat compromises the integrity of the move. Pinch the frame:
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 That is a different trick, it is called tuck-no-hander. Good for doing 360s and stuff where you need to bring your bike around. Tuck no-hander also puts the hands to the sides, while the suicide no-hander puts the hands as far behind you as possible. Both are nice tricks but it is two (slightly) different moves, just like a nac-nac is different from a can-can.

Nice picture though!
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 @thevids: OK, I don't know what I'm talking about but I liked the picture also.
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 El oh el

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